FLOORPLAN: I'm Shoe In Love Bazaar


Good morning guys!!! I am really sorry that I have to bombard my blog with work...but this is how much I LOVE my work. LOL :D

Hey guys!!! 2 more days before the BIGGEST SHOE EVENT OF THE SEASON!!! On June 30- July 01 at NBC Tent in BGC, I'M SHOE IN LOVE (year 2) will commence. Below is the floor plan of the bazaar and we have highlighted where you can visit our lovely booth (THE RED PUMPS & MOGUL).

Bring everyone to the event and make sure to visit our booth first. :D We would love to meet you guys in person.

Also, our Free Passes BLOG GIVEAWAY has ended and a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to our winners (Your names are included on our GUESTLIST, just go to the entrance and bring valid IDs):

1. Myi Garcia
2. Sunshine Manahan
3. Lea Briones
4. Abbygale Dabu
5. Shirley Joaquin
6. Leah Rous
7. Anita Escriba
8. Evangeline Magboo
9. Villy Magboo
10. Girlie Villaruz

See you guys there!!!

P.S. If you want to have a sneak peak of our 2nd collection METAMORPHOSIS, I will be unveiling it there!!!

METAMORPHOSIS 2nd Collection

Guys!!! I am so excited to share our teaser for our 2nd collection dubbed as "METAMORPHOSIS". This is one reason we have been extremely busy with THE RED PUMPS and finally you get to see what it is. We have reinvented the typical ballet flats...this is something you have to watch out for since I haven't seen anything like this in the market.

This collection will be unveiled soon.

I will showcase this at I'M SHOE IN LOVE Bazaar at NBC Tent at BGC on June 30- July 1. See you all there!!!

FLIQUE Launch Party

How are you guys??? I would like to apologize that I failed to update my blog sooner...I swear this week has been one of the craziest, strangest...most stressful but very productive week. WORK...WORK...and more WORK...good thing last Thursday night, got invited to Flique Magazine's Launch Party at Opus bar in Resorts World. Time to unwind...drink some cocktails and catch up with some friends.

At the end of the night...I got home a little drunk...sort of dehydrated...starving but had the most wonderful time. There are a lot of highlights of the evening and to name a few:
1. Me and Yen won "Best Dressed" of the night
2. Met a lot of wonderful people and of course perfect venue to market our business
3. Bonded with a new good friend

What a PARTY!!! Till next time Flique :D
Here is what I wore to the launch Party- my PINK PANTHER look!!! Best in print-on-print in neon pa ha... :D
Yen wearing his own acid neon animal print shirt and I do LOVE his 8 bit-ish sunnies :D Both of us are excited since we will also be launching our menswear line soon. :D
Yey party started...Valerie (tama ba name???) hosted the evening...and after introducing the wonderful staff of Flique; they have announced the winner of BEST DRESSED...haha...I was super "nahiya" since that was my 1st award and we need to walk up the stage. (note: I wish my photos up front are good, since I am not good with stolen shots) But, "THANK YOU FLIQUE FOR CHOOSING US...IT WAS REALLY A SURPRISE AND HONOR." :D
(L-R) Yen of Mogul, Stylist and Editor-a-Large John Lozano, Yeng Constanino and a new good friend JC Alomajan.
(L-R) Sitti, JC and Me. Sitti is so sweet, even congratulated us for winning that night. :D
Yen and myself posing with Valerie, congratulating us as well. She is so sweet and really pretty. :D
Together with Vince of Flique
Finally have met John in person...worked with him previously. I can't wait to see the finish product of the shoot. :D
couple of the night!!!! <3
(L-R) Yen, Sam (glad to have finally met you!!!) Joco (I really enjoyed exchanging SHOE IDEAS with you!!! You are the best) Me and Joco's friends.
Our LOOT BAG!!! Yey!!!
Best part, Yen and I won Php5000.00 worth of Gift Cards that can be used with SM Accessories. To be honest, I am a fan of their merchandise since it is so contemporary. This will be gone in no time...hehehe.

Thank you again Flique for inviting us. Congratulations in advance and I am sure that your magazine will be one of the front-liners as you have a very good vision.

Till Next time guys!!!

P.S. Our bazaar I'M SHOE IN LOVE is happening next Saturday-Sunday June 30- July 01 10am-9pm at NBC Tent at BGC. Join the biggest SHOE EVENT of the year!!! I am still giving away 10 FREE TICKETS to the bazaar, join now. Deadline is June 27. Click HERE to join.

Jesus is the new BLACK

Super late LookBook post... :D

This is what I wore to the day 5 of Philippine Fashion Week. Super busy and just had time to post it today. I was wearing my Black mullet button down shirt and paired it with all black accessories. This was inspired with what I wore to FADAL's event last December and I loved it so much that I decided that I will tweak that previous outfit a bit.
Black Mullet Button Down- The Red Pumps
Coat Vest- Vintage
Pants- TPE
Mandals- TPE
Studded Clutch- DIY
Bone Knuckles- OS Accessories
Skull Necklace- TPE
Studded Necklace- FnH

THE RED PUMPS x I'm Shoe In Love
Blog Giveaway

Red Dragon
Milan Red and Black
Angelina Color Block I
Milan Glass Foil Gold
Jackie Snakeskin Bone
Angelina Zebra
Angelina Glass Foil Royal Blue
Because we want you to be part of the biggest SHOE SALE of the year, we are giving away 10 FREE TICKETS (1 Ticket to each winner) to the I'm Shoe In Love Bazaar on June 30- July 1 at NBC Tent BGC. Just follow these steps.

Winners will be chosen via raffle draw. Deadline of submission of entries is on June 27, 2012.



1. Follow THE RED PUMPS on Twitter (@TheRedPumps)

2. Like us on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/TheRedPumps)

3. Post this on your Facebook wall, "My favorite shoe style @TheRedPumps is _____________. (ex. Red Dragon) Win Free tickets to #ImShoeInLove Bazaar by joining #TheRedPumps Blog Giveaway at www.theredpumps.com/blog.html"

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5. Comment on this blog post with your Full name, Twitter ID & e-mail address

Happiest Place on Earth!!!

Forget Disney Land..."VIKINGS is the happiest place on Earth!!!" I swear...I mean it. :D Sorry for this late post...I just had to make "singit" or my best friend will strangle me...haha. Anyways, we celebrated my best friend's birthday during the last day of Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012...originally our plan was to eat dinner and watch the final show of the season by Jerome Salaya Ang but FAILED!!! Hahaha... in a while will tell you why.

Anyways below is my Photo Diary of the day. Normally I would trade FOOD anytime over FASHION...but that night it would change. LOL. Also...I look a bit haggard with my photos since number 1, I have to change my outfit after walking miles from MOA- entrance of Viking- turning back- going back to MOA's North Parking- change outfit inside car since I was sweating like CRAZY- drive the car to Viking's parking area. 2- I am so stuffed with all the food.

I swear...I wasn't able to taste 50% or maybe even 60% of their dishes...but definitely I will return with a vengeance!!!
(L-R) Arjay Bday Boy, Me, Yen and Conrad
Their Sushi Bar is the BEST I have ever seen!!! We love eating buffet style and by far their Japanese/ Oriental section was by far the most authentic, most delish and most fresh!!!
Fresh Seafood/ Grill Station, I had tuna and squid
Skewers and Kebabs
Dessert station...I swear I could live there. My sweet tooth literally went nuts. They had dishes from Filipino like Halo-Halo even my fave morning Taho, cakes, ice cream, yogurts, chocolate and strawberry fondue, fruits, cotton candy (yes...they have a small cotton candy maker and use LIPS candy to make one...so amazing) and so much more. I swear my photos did not do justice. LOL
Presenting my plates!!! Haha... Their sushi is so fresh. Honestly Fashion Week was like Christmas to me. It was a "cheat week" for me. Eating everything that I can.
At the end of the night, was so stuffed and was so late at the Fashion Show, we just decided not to see it. Was a teeny-weeny-bit sad though but I said to myself and Yen, next season we will make "BAWI" also I will comeback here at Vikings and devour everything and forget my diet even just for a day.

Had so much fun of course, with my good friends and excellent food. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARJAY!!!

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012
Lizanne Cua

Back to my Philippine Fashion Week post...haha...I know it is so late but I just would like to warn you, I think I am still at the middle part of my PhFW post...and there are so much more :D

Good friend and talented Designer Lizanne Cua showcased her Holiday collection dubbed as "ENTANGLED FATES" derived from the Three Fates of Greek Mythology wherein due to god intervention, humans have to endure the imperfect and entangled threads of fate and make the best out of it. I just LOVE how she transformed the stretch jersey material into silhouettes that looks very young and contemporary. And my personal favorite are the "entangled" accessories that she has designed and has a wide variety from jacket, neckpieces, tops and so much more. Something that I haven't seen on the runway.

"Congrats Zanne for a wonderful Holiday collection!!!"

Happy Independence Day!!!

June 12 is a very special day to all PINOYS out there. Today we celebrate our 114th Independence Day!!! Let us celebrate this by being Patriots of our country. Show support to 100% Philippine Made Products. Please visit our online store:




Had a wonderful Sunday night with my best friends!!! It was agreed that we are going to do a "videoke" night...although I have this insane phobia in singing in public (due to bad childhood experience) I figured I will just eat food and not sing at all...haha. :D
(L-R) Kae, Jackie and me (Yen, taking the photo)...ABSENT: Shelly!!!
Of course, I just had to work even on Sundays. Kae was my first customer who ordered MTO shoes. This is it...pretty right???
Yummy roasted chicken...the rest of our food...well not so good
Potato wedges with the most acceptable sour cream dip
Try not to dip your Nachos...their dip was awful....lol
I thought this was Calamares...failed...Onion rings
Singing time!!! Jackie really sounds excellent. Practicing a "wedding song".
Yen...loves alternative songs. He is good at it ;D
Kae also has a wonderful voice. Go!!! Go!!! Go!!!
We stayed for a good 2-4 hours. Honestly I was so "bitin" because I think we arrived late. I got lost looking for the place. Haha. NOTE: If you would like to ask if I sing or where is my photo singing...well the Answer: I did "sing"...just imagine Anne Curtis. Haha and I deleted any photos of me singing. I don't look so good. Ahehe.

Oh well...at least I had so much fun. How about you guys???

Till next time!!!

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012

After every Fashion Week, I have a segment I would like to call "Behind-the-scenes" of a SHOPAHOLIC MONSTER (Chos...feeling celebrity) and I would be posting this as my last blog to conclude my post for PhFW...however I will change things up a bit this season, since it would take me a gazillion years to finish everything again.

I would like to share photos I have gathered; in the RUNWAY, in the HALLWAY, with FRIENDS, with IDOLS (Yes...). Just a little warning though...HUGE PHOTO DUMP AHEAD!!! :D

I really...really missed Philippine Fashion Week as I have mentioned previously I opted for a Viking Buffet Dinner over watching the finale shows...(normally I would go for fashion over food but it is my best friend's birthday) so I kinda have the "bitin" feeling and would definitely make "bawi" next season. In fact, I already have inspirations for my next seasons look.

Anywho...enjoy the photos!!!

NOTE: I still have a lot of Designer Collection Posts...stay tuned!!!
Fanny Serrano's show stood out for me the most due to the use of "traditional  materials in a non-traditional way."
Cherry Veric's work has a lot of "pasabog!!!"
Of chors!!! I have to inject these....uuhhmm...well toned models from the ESAC show.
"Pwede ka ng maglaba!!! LOL"
Runway accident: Nice flowing dress however was upstage by a "nip-slip"  (good model was wearing that thingy)
"tubig...!!!" (Chos) :D
Outfit Post...of course we just have to take LookBook shots.
PhFW Day 3: Print on Print
Me: "Lion Tamer"
Yen: "Flower Power"
PhFW Day 4: Blue's Clue or "The Magician and the Assistant" :D
Me: "Blue Ranger"
Yen: "Tuxedo Mask...(daw)"
PhFW Day 5: Ashes to Dust
Me: "Black"
Yen: "Army-inspired"
Of course I have to take photos of wonderful shoes that I have seen during Philippine Fashion Week. Here we have THE RED PUMPS...chos...it is Kermit's Red Pumps with Skull Heels
Kermit's Horse Shoe
Looks "amazingly-painful" I think the platforms and heels were made of metal
Used my "ninja skills" to take this shot...and to find out in FB that this is Nereku's design. A different take on heeless craze.
2 must-have shoes for Manila's Fashionisto: Heeless/ Wedge
or Creepers.
Philippine Fashion Week is also the perfect venue to bump into your friends and colleagues...say "Hi" and do power catch-up. Here we have Matt Valeriano who owns ANONYMITY and designed the reversible hoodies that he and his gang are wearing. :D
Shoe Legend and now TV host Brian Tenorio. He saw us "posing" for our LookBook shots. Ahehe. It was nice seeing you. :D
(L-R) Yekki, Karl, Me, Gelo and Mike
"Paparazzi" bit...saw D + V to give support to Veejay Floresca
SUPER HIGHLIGHT of my Fashion Week. Personally meeting and having my photo taken with Mother D!!! When I saw her, I was the first one who said, "Hello!!!" and (wala ng hiya-hiya) requested for photo to be taken with them. Just not my best angle though...I feel so ugly beside her. She is so pretty and super humble...just like in her blogs. Next time promise, "I will hug you Mother!!!" :D... V Took an outfit photo of Yen and I was supposed to go next but the crowd when ballistic (chos) afterwards :D
Super "Pasyon" people. Nice seeing you guys there. :D (L-R) blank (sorry I wasn't able to get her name), Mark Crawford, Daryl and Anna
with Jonver
I am watching shows to show support to my designer friends. (L-R) Chris Diaz, Lizanne Cua and Me. Will post their collection soon.
(L-R) Cherry Veric, me, BFF Sherry and Joana
with Chris Diaz
good friends Sherry and Joana
Now I am "hypnotizing" you to buy shoes from THE RED PUMPS...(Chos...may commercial)

Whoaaaa....too many photos...even for myself. LOL. I hope you guys had fun last PhFW as I did. Hope to see you guys next season!!!