Philippines Fashion Week Holiday 2012
June Pugat

Holiday Collections are mostly made of shiny, sparkly things that always reminds you of Christmas or Holiday season...This is what drew me to June Pugat's collection. The color palette that he has used has more of Earth Tones and veered away from any sparkly/ shiny material. I love the "ORGANIC" feel of his collection mostly evening gown that uses modern silhouette. If you would look closely, the treatment that he used in dyeing the fabrics + the (i'm guessing) hand drawn artwork are so amazing and captivating at the same time.

Whoever said that you can't be glamorous without any sparkles??? :D

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012
Philipp Tampus

When the name Philipp Tampus flashed on the screen, there was some sort of a vague recollection and somewhat "familiarity" about the the name. When the show ended and he walked the runway, it made me smile since this confirmed that he was from Project Runways Philippines Season 1 and was a runner-up. I was pleasantly surprised with his collection.The most striking about this is his "taste level" certainly improved from his contest days. Honestly, I wasn't his fan before however after this collection...everything changed.

I love how he has grown up and I can tell his strong points in designing are in evening gowns. I love the romantics , sophistication and the "regal grandeur" of his designs. It certainly reminds me of Red carpet looks from Marchesa or McQueen-ish. Congratulations Philipp Tampus!!! You certainly have gone a long long way from your previous days and hopefully will be a start of a very wonderful career.

Philippine Fashion Week Day 4
Blue Ranger

Just a little break from my Fashion Week Designer post...a little outfit post first. :D This is what I wore to the 4th day of Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012. Wearing my Royal Blue Mullet Button down Top (to be sold at soon) and paired it mostly with...YES!!! You got that right...mostly blue (hues/tones) accessories from my bowler hat, pants, bag and navy vest)...Gosh...I miss Philippine Fashion Week so badly. It is so "bitin" on my part since I traded to watch the finale show to a very hefty Viking buffet dinner...oh well till the Spring/Summer Collection. :D

FYI, I already have 1 outfit/design in mind that I would wear. #superexcited

Hype this on Lookbook here.
Royal Blue Mullet button down Top (The Red Pumps)
Cerulean Pants (tailored)
Royal Blue Glittered Necktie (Armando Carusso)
Blue Bowler Hat (SM)
Turquoise envelope clutch (ATC)
Military Boots (Vintage)
Navy Vest (Vintage)
Black Lotus Brooch (Satoko Koyama)
Rings (TPE/ SM/ Forever21)

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012
Cherry Veric

I have always been a fan of Cherry's work since I respond well to his "pasabog" moments when he releases his collection. Last FADAL party, we got to talk and he showed a sneak peek of what we can expect in his Holiday Collection. The moment I saw it, I knew I would die not seeing it. Alas...when Danica Magpantay opened the runway for his collection "PAK" it was truly to die for. Intricate heavy beading on seamlessly evening gowns paraded the runway clamored in headpieces created by Van Cleefus. My only regret was, since I don't have size 9 or 10 shoes with us at THE RED PUMPS on-hand we were not able to work with him...

But nonetheless, "Your creations Cherry are truly magnificent. Congratulations, till next Holiday Collection!"

Lissa Kahayon x THE RED PUMPS

Our Fave Fashion Blogger and Style Icon Lissa Kahayon wearing our Jackie Snakeskin Platform Mary Jane Pumps last Phil. Fashion Week.

We LOVE her so much!!! Thank you very much Lissa. :D

Check her Blog: SceneStealer

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012
Fanny Serrano

One of my favorite show this season. I was totally blown away with this collection as Fanny uses "traditional" materials in a "non-traditional" way. The Barong Tagalog has always been our National Costume and I have always been  intrigued how many more ways we can re-interpret the material...and yes Fanny  did it in his ethereal holiday collection.

I love the contemporary silhouette that he has used and how elegant how our  native "barong tagalog" look so elegant and chic. I would really love to see  this collection in Paris or Milan as this would be a great way to showcase
Philippines indigenous products and was used intelligently by our home grown  Fashion Designer.

"Congratulations Fanny!!! can't wait to see your next collection. This is  truly breath-taking!!!"