FLOORPLAN: I'm Shoe In Love Bazaar


Good morning guys!!! I am really sorry that I have to bombard my blog with work...but this is how much I LOVE my work. LOL :D

Hey guys!!! 2 more days before the BIGGEST SHOE EVENT OF THE SEASON!!! On June 30- July 01 at NBC Tent in BGC, I'M SHOE IN LOVE (year 2) will commence. Below is the floor plan of the bazaar and we have highlighted where you can visit our lovely booth (THE RED PUMPS & MOGUL).

Bring everyone to the event and make sure to visit our booth first. :D We would love to meet you guys in person.

Also, our Free Passes BLOG GIVEAWAY has ended and a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to our winners (Your names are included on our GUESTLIST, just go to the entrance and bring valid IDs):

1. Myi Garcia
2. Sunshine Manahan
3. Lea Briones
4. Abbygale Dabu
5. Shirley Joaquin
6. Leah Rous
7. Anita Escriba
8. Evangeline Magboo
9. Villy Magboo
10. Girlie Villaruz

See you guys there!!!

P.S. If you want to have a sneak peak of our 2nd collection METAMORPHOSIS, I will be unveiling it there!!!

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