Had a wonderful Sunday night with my best friends!!! It was agreed that we are going to do a "videoke" night...although I have this insane phobia in singing in public (due to bad childhood experience) I figured I will just eat food and not sing at all...haha. :D
(L-R) Kae, Jackie and me (Yen, taking the photo)...ABSENT: Shelly!!!
Of course, I just had to work even on Sundays. Kae was my first customer who ordered MTO shoes. This is it...pretty right???
Yummy roasted chicken...the rest of our food...well not so good
Potato wedges with the most acceptable sour cream dip
Try not to dip your Nachos...their dip was
I thought this was Calamares...failed...Onion rings
Singing time!!! Jackie really sounds excellent. Practicing a "wedding song".
Yen...loves alternative songs. He is good at it ;D
Kae also has a wonderful voice. Go!!! Go!!! Go!!!
We stayed for a good 2-4 hours. Honestly I was so "bitin" because I think we arrived late. I got lost looking for the place. Haha. NOTE: If you would like to ask if I sing or where is my photo singing...well the Answer: I did "sing"...just imagine Anne Curtis. Haha and I deleted any photos of me singing. I don't look so good. Ahehe.

Oh least I had so much fun. How about you guys???

Till next time!!!

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