Happiest Place on Earth!!!

Forget Disney Land..."VIKINGS is the happiest place on Earth!!!" I swear...I mean it. :D Sorry for this late post...I just had to make "singit" or my best friend will strangle me...haha. Anyways, we celebrated my best friend's birthday during the last day of Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012...originally our plan was to eat dinner and watch the final show of the season by Jerome Salaya Ang but FAILED!!! Hahaha... in a while will tell you why.

Anyways below is my Photo Diary of the day. Normally I would trade FOOD anytime over FASHION...but that night it would change. LOL. Also...I look a bit haggard with my photos since number 1, I have to change my outfit after walking miles from MOA- entrance of Viking- turning back- going back to MOA's North Parking- change outfit inside car since I was sweating like CRAZY- drive the car to Viking's parking area. 2- I am so stuffed with all the food.

I swear...I wasn't able to taste 50% or maybe even 60% of their dishes...but definitely I will return with a vengeance!!!
(L-R) Arjay Bday Boy, Me, Yen and Conrad
Their Sushi Bar is the BEST I have ever seen!!! We love eating buffet style and by far their Japanese/ Oriental section was by far the most authentic, most delish and most fresh!!!
Fresh Seafood/ Grill Station, I had tuna and squid
Skewers and Kebabs
Dessert station...I swear I could live there. My sweet tooth literally went nuts. They had dishes from Filipino like Halo-Halo even my fave morning Taho, cakes, ice cream, yogurts, chocolate and strawberry fondue, fruits, cotton candy (yes...they have a small cotton candy maker and use LIPS candy to make one...so amazing) and so much more. I swear my photos did not do justice. LOL
Presenting my plates!!! Haha... Their sushi is so fresh. Honestly Fashion Week was like Christmas to me. It was a "cheat week" for me. Eating everything that I can.
At the end of the night, was so stuffed and was so late at the Fashion Show, we just decided not to see it. Was a teeny-weeny-bit sad though but I said to myself and Yen, next season we will make "BAWI" also I will comeback here at Vikings and devour everything and forget my diet even just for a day.

Had so much fun of course, with my good friends and excellent food. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARJAY!!!

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