__The Family...The Food...and the Gifts

Christmas started early for me today. Woke up really early and already did preparation for our Traditional family Reunion to be held at our place. I am GUILTY when it comes to my attendance failure during Family Reunions due to busy work schedule. Now with my schedule wide-open and in just the right time for holidays, I thought to myself why not revived the Family Tradition that we have and celebrate Christmas Day with the Cruz Family.

I am so ecstatic that we did celebrate...I just can't wait to post these photos immediately as I was happy that everyone was happy with our gathering. Celebrating Jesus' Birthday with a very loving and supporting family, deliciously-sinful-decadent-food and of course who would ever forget Gifts!!!

Photo Dump Alert!!!  Photo Dump Alert!!!


I grew close with my relatives (Mother Side) when I was younger, thus we have this special bond. When everyone arrived, it was crazy inside the house, (...even my room wasn't spared and Milan was dragged around by my cute little cousins) but it was all worth it. I never had this so much fun with them for a very long time.

P.S. I just couldn't believe that my younger cousins are now grown ups.
(L-R) Tita Aida, Me, Cousin Joan and Tita Ely
With my cousins and Tita's
Ninang Precy and her youngest daughter Precious. ( I failed to recognize Precious...)
Beautiful Sisters Bea and Gileen...and can pass as Twins. Only one is 10 years younger or so :D
Our Family Tradition, like most Filipino families would not be complete without Videoke!!! :D


It was a Potluck Party. I decided to cook my "world-famous" Spaghetti and "tickle-my-taste-bud" Peach Float and "oooverly-sweet" Fruit Salad. My Tita's brought so much, we had Lechon Baboy, Carbonara, Chicken Lumpia, Beef Caledereta (...which is so delicious), Kare-Kare, Chicken and my Kryptonite- CAKE and TONS of Desserts.

"There goes my DIET...."
"Oink...Oink" Lechon Baboy. Cholesterol alert!!!! I took a bite only and avoided the fats and skin :D
Now this is what you call SUGPO. Super Extra Large and very delicious.
Chicken Lumpia...one of my favorite. White Meat in a nice savory packaging
My "supposedly masterpiece." The Peach Float. I designed it carefully unfortunately when I took it out of the freezer, all the peaches decided to be all in one side. Very delicious though...(you know what they say...love your work.) :D
Maja "the dessert" not "the Salvador"... joke, joke, joke LOL :D
Yellow Watermelon
My cousin, Jolo. Told him I need to take his photos while taking a bite of my "world famous" Spaghetti (charot..) and I also wanted to capture his Facial Structure...so love the cheekbones and jaw lines...spell E-N-V-Y


...and of course, who dare forget about the GIFTS. As long as I can remember, I knew  the thrill of receiving a gift and the excitement while opening them. These are most of the gifts that I have received this Holiday Season and a HUGE PRESENT I bought for myself. :D
You are reading it right, "To: Babyspice" Yup...that is what my closest friends in college use to call me. And I am sure you know why...my LOVE for the Spice girls....good times :D
...Lifetime supply of Gatsby Oil Control. Actually this was a "going away" present from my friends in my previous company. My face is FREAKISHLY oily and if I will not stop whatever I am doing to wipe off the excess oil, then definitely the saying, "Pwede ka nang mag prito ng itlog" would be true. If we have met, then I am sure that you have noticed wherever I am or whatever I am doing, I will stop for a while and wipe my face of the excess sebum. :D
"All I want for Christmas is....YOU!!!" I bought myself Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, not for enjoyment purposes but will be using it for my business meeting...then for pleasure. Hehehe. I am not a Tech Savvy person thus this is my first Touch Screen gadget...like what i said before, "I am no longer a MANONG to the modern Technology." Welcome to the Android Family, "Yehey!!!!"
I am so happy that I get to meet my relatives again and I feel all the love and support that everyone is providing. Till our next Crazy-Wacky-Happy Family Reunion.

I am hoping that everyone had so much fun this Christmas Season and celebrated with your love ones.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Shopaholic Monsters!!!!

Happy Birthday Jesus and Thank you very much!!!!!


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