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Red Pumps

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Red Button Down: Diego
Red Shorts: Mogul
Bowler Hat: Topman
Open-toed Sandals: TPE
Strawberry Necklace: Rebel Gear

The Shopaholic Monster (...yours truly) has been on a "hiatus" from my favorite past time- SHOPPING for almost a month now. Opening a business needs sacrifices and splurging is one of them. I know I have been very vocal in launching THE RED PUMPS however due to delays with materials and production, the launch date was truly affected thus I will need to ensure that I am using my stash for that much-needed-items. :D However over the weekend, since the production of my shoes are almost complete, I decided to go cease the "hiatus" and just I need somethings for The Red Pumps.

My look is dedicated to The Red Pumps, wearing mostly RED. I also got first dibs on the short pants designed by Yen for Mogul...(super excited with the products he would be releasing soon.)

Hope you like it. :D

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Candid shot...I was wiping sweat. It is really hot outside nowadays. More sleeveless shirts next time.
Strawberry Sunday... :D
loving this awesome Red Pants from Mogul. Watch out for its release soon. :D
My plan over the weekend was to shop-till-I-drop however never happened since I failed to spot those one-of-a-kind items that I have been eyeing. However I got some fabrics for a custom-made top that i designed and some materials for The Red Pumps. I truly had fun over the weekend...I really missed going to the mall. LOL :D

Hope you guys had fun too. Watch out for the update from THE RED PUMPS...coming really really soon. :D


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