OMG!!! Just after posting a blog about my ring collection, I came across Japanese Jewelry designer Joji Kojima and his rings are "to-die-for"!!! Literally, I will kill to get them and will kill someone if I ever wore them. (They look deadly and can inflict nasty Unfortunately his pieces are way to expensive for even own a single piece. These are the times I am wishing I was "filthy-rich." Or someone out there so kind to give this to me as a present (LOL...wishful thinking). Is there someone out there making rings like these that are more budget friendly...please ping me. Oh well...silver lining, his pieces truly inspired me and maybe push me to do my own accessories...haha. :D

Check his website at
ARMOR ring. I need you in my life so badly!!!
Dancing Skull...OMG...I will KILL for this!!!
His TEARDROP headpiece/ eye wear was worn at FAME perfume ad by Mother Monster Lady Gaga!!!

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