_Christmas Dinner

...Christmas, my favorite season of the entire year. It is also the perfect time to have a get-together with your friends whom you haven't seen for quite some time. Me and my college best friends agreed to have a reunion this year, amidst our very busy schedule I am just so happy that FINALLY after a very very long time I get to see them again. :D

This was last Saturday and our venue is Serendra in BGC. We all know that traffic is tremendously horrible during Christmas Season here...and  there I was braving the Christmas Rush Hour. It took me roughly around 2 hours to drive from Paranaque to BGC but I am sure that all this will be worth it.

(...sorry I only captured a few shots, it seemed like every second was precious and wasn't able to find time take photos till almost the night ended)
(L-R) My BFFs: Tricia, Sherry, Jackelyn and me. :D , this is our SATC shot and of course I am Carrie Bradshaw :D
(...sorry sarap mag reminisce, it seems like we were those silly college girls again...)
Serendra was packed...luckily we got seats at Sentro...their Corned Beef Sinigang was HEAVEN.
Jakelyn's eldest daughter Kate.
Yen and his "pa-cute" smile
I told Yen, "I was thinking that this reunion will be boring since I was scared if the strong chemistry that we had is still there." But I was wrong, the night was far from  a boring night. From the moment that I saw my gals, it seemed that no time has pass us by without us being together. From the time that we sat down in the restaurant, we all talked non-stop, trying to catch up what has been going on.

Unfortunately the night had to end...but I am sure we will find more time to see each others. Thank you girls and I missed you so much. Let us do this again really really soon. Luv yah!!!!

See you soon. Kisses :D


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