Chasing My Dreams

This is probably the "hardest decision" I had made in my life...Nope I am not "resigning" as a Fashion Blogger but after careful deliberation I have decided to resign from the corporate world/ BPO industry and to "Chase my Dream" and pursue a career in Fashion...Until now, I am still in shock that I have finally done what I thought I wouldn't and can't leave my corporate career which is my bread and butter.

I have been working in the BPO industry for 7 years far I fell in love with the business. Until now, I am still so in love with my life in this industry:
1. Managing employees
2. Career Growth
3. Financial Stability

I have poured my passion in the business which in returned reaped excellent position for me in the industry. I am "on fire" in climbing the corporate ladder...however with the recent events in my life, I have decided to weigh my options again and mastered all the "guts" that I have and taking that "LEAP OF FAITH" into a world unknown.

I have decided to be a business entrepreneur and start my very own SHOE BUSINESS!!!

I said to myself..."I think it is high time for me to start Chasing my Dreams. If I succeed, this would be a wonderful news...however if I fail, No Regrets. At least I knew that I have done my best and finally have felt what it is like Chasing your Dreams."

I am not closing my doors to the BPO Industry...who knows...I am not completely "RETIRING" to the idea of working in BPO Industry, however I am just "Resigning" , taking-a-break for now...
It all started with an IDEA, I wanted to have an outlet for my "creative side" and March 2011 SHOPAHOLIC MONSTER was born. I am very happy with the outcome of starting my very own Fashion Blog.
Being a Fashion Blogger "opened" an entire new window with lots of opportunities for me...
Goal of Shopaholic Monster: "Celebrating Talent, Individuality, People". I wanted my Blog to be different from the Fashion Blogs that I have been seeing.

What's Inside?
1. My Life: A little space for yours truly, documenting personal events. My personal diary.
2. People: Celebrating talented and successful people in their crafts
3. The E(vents): covering Fashion Events such as Fashion Week, After Party, Meet-ups etc.
4. Fashion Buzz: Sharing my Vintage Finds
Covering Fashion Events such as Philippine Fashion Week is the perfect venue to showcase talented Filipino Designers and their sheer genius when it comes to Fashion. This paved way in meeting talented Designers...I still can remember my very first interview with Chris Diaz, click here.
Meeting wonderful people/ Fashion Designers. Here we have the members of FaDAL
...was surprised and honored when Lev, Matt and Luigi came to my little Birthday celebration.
Yendustry and Shopaholic Monster tag team.
...yes I celebrated my 30th Birthday last July 24th. Do I look like I am 30??? (...please don't answer my question if you'll say "Yes.") :D You know what they say...when you turn will experience "mid-life" crisis...and I guess mine is Shifting courses.
In launching Shopaholic love for Fashion grew intensely and immensely. Not to "raise" my own chair...but my personal style evolved and is "so-out-there" and better. :D
Shopaholic Monster went to Taipei...mixing Business with much needed "Shopping extravaganza"
At then end of my 30-day stay in Taipei, it ended up me buying a 2nd bigger luggage and just filling it up with more shoes!!!!
I am truly OBSESSED with shoes. When I did "Spring Cleaning" when I got back home, I took out all my shoes and to my last count I have a total of more than 60 pairs of shoes... and I still want more!!! :D
...right now I am so in love with "super-unique-one-of-a-kind-shoes" These are some of them... :D
...with my OBSESSION with shoes...this nurtured the "idea" of me starting my own SHOE BUSINESS. This is such a crazy idea for me since I will be stepping to the world of unknown, however I keep on reminding myself, "If I would be putting the same dedication and passion that I have in the BPO Industry then most likely I can handle the challenges that will arise with my upcoming business."

Currently I am still on the planning phase and have tons and tons of things and legwork to do. My resignation from work will be effective November 30, since I don't want to be the cause of issue at work, everyone has been so nice and so perfect and I wanted the "transition period" to be as smooth as it can possibly can.

I will keep everyone posted and will be asking everyone a "little favor" support my upcoming SHOE BUSINESS the way you have shown support with SHOPAHOLIC MONSTER.


Mommy Jozcel
10/20/2011 11:14:54 am

That is good. 30 is a good year to begin the life you were meant to live. I too love shoes (so who doesn't?) so I think this is a good industry for you to enter. You certainly have the fashion sense and eye that is needed for one to succeed in this competitive field. All my prayers are with you on this one, as always.

Shopaholic Monster
10/21/2011 06:59:41 am

Mommy Jozcel, Thank you so much naman for your kind words!!! As always, super touched ako sa kind gestures and prayers. Thank you again Mommy, this is a super freakishly scary and exciting event all rolled at the same time....I will keep you posted ;)


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