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Tank Top: Plus-Minus-Times-Divide Homme
Brown Carrot Pants: TPE
Combat Boots: Vintage
Mulberry Bag: Vintage
Orbit Necklace: TPE
Barb Rings: Oxygen
Gold Chain Rings: Gold Dot
Brooch: Market Market

I was just so happy that I found a "treasure" when I did Vintage hunting last week and found me this super-cool-never-been-used-leather-combat-boots. This is not the 1st boots that I have however I was looking for mid high boots and this was perfect. So last Saturday, running a few errands I decided to wear something comfortable and relax for the day. My inspiration are my newest ring...(see photo below) that resembles "barbs" , so I wanted to have that edgy look for the day.

Hope you like it. :D

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I LOVE...LOVE...LOVE this shot of Yen on my Orbit Necklace. You can actually see his reflection. So "artsy" :D
My Inspiration: Barb Rings from Oxygen. I bought 2 last weekend. When I saw this I almost died. They are so unique and good thing is that they only make a few of them styles. my newest blings. :D
Rubber Bracelets...initially I wanted all my bracelets to be bundled in 1 arm however it would not fit. :D
Chain Brooch details
more shots under the sun. :D
I saw this caption at the mall...and it was perfect. :D Dressing up is fun. I hope everyone had a great weekend.



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