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When Everything Turns Grey

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Grey Jacket: Vintage
Kate Moss Shirt: Taipei
Pleated Carrot Pants: Taipei
Mandals/ Open-toed Booties:Taipei
Black Cone Ring: Taipei
Black Cocktail Ring: SM Dept Store
Black Onyx Ring: Ruins NIght Market
Skull Rings: Rebel Gear
Orbiting Onyx Necklace: Taipei

For me GREY is one of the most melancholic color and I would not normally wear it but last weekend I wanted to try and make this color as festive as it can be. Right now, I feel I am on another crossroad and is a little confused what lane to take and I felt this was the perfect chance to wear something what I was feeling. I made sure that I will be wearing all GREY tones for my outfit, even my accessories should mimic the entire vibe. The outfit turned out something different and playful by playing with layering, prints and accessories, I was able to have fun and started growing on the color GREY.

Hope you like it!!!

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Accessories are the key...with my new found love with "over-accessorizing" I wore Grey and Black accessories: Skull Rings and Black Enamel and Onyx Cocktail Rings. Also, the Onyx Orbiting necklace is to die-for. Bought them from Taipei. :D
Kate Moss Shirt from Taipei. I love the cut on my pants: pleated, drop crotch and lightweight fabric. I also wore my Vintage grey jacket. GREY color of the look matches the GLOOM of the weather that day. :D
My signature "pose"...with a smile :D
It was windy at BGC that day. Perfect for the shoot. Honestly, I don't like posing if there are people watching..and there were (I think, they were saying, "What the hell are we doing?") which made me so shy to strike a pose.
My Mandals/ Naruto Shoes/ Open-toed Booties, no matter what you call it, I am so in love with them and you would see them for a very long long time with my looks.
Look at my back, a little blurry but yes there were a couple of people see me do this. I feel so "embarrassed" I don't want them to think that I am  "feeling model". Hehehe...that is not my intention, I just wanted to document what I was wearing that day to post here on my blog. :D
Hope you guys like my outfit. Till my next LookBook post.

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