_The Red Pumps is BORN...

OMG!!! I am just so excited to share this BIG NEWS to everyone regarding my baby The Red Pumps. Today, I met again with Shoe Manufacturer for another product inspection. I was hoping the best outcome for this meeting but I never imagined that it would exceed my expectations.

WARNING!!! early at this point I would like to apologize but you would be seeing photos with this "warning" sign. For now I am unable to reveal the actual designs yet. I will keep it a secret until the launch of THE RED PUMPS...(but honestly...you just can't imagine how excited I am to be sharing this to everyone, and if possible to even show the photos that I have taken today.)
Do I look crazy??? Lol...still checking on the Shoe Last that was specifically designed for my needs. :D
The shape was somewhat altered from what we have originally planned but it looks good to me. I gave the GO signal!!!

And now for the very JUICY PART...
I saw 2 of my designs today and honestly I had a "SHOEGASM!!!" As most of you guys know, I am so OBSESSED with shoes and I think with this obsession, I can naturally tell whether the shoes looks cheap or is high-fashion (sorry about bragging...please don't hate me.)

This is the 1st design they have shown me and to my surprise, it is my exact design. Nothing has been tweaked or change. It was perfect!!! I was teary-eyed since it looks so amazing and just like nothing I have seen before. :D
sorry, I can only show bits and pieces for the meantime. LOVE...LOVE...LOVE!!!!
Everytime I see this, I wanted to MAKE-LOVE to this shoe. :D
2nd Design, OMG again I was speechless. As if my design came out from my sketchpad and was brought into reality. I was salivating and I just couldn't control myself on how happy I am.
I so love this detail :D
this detail...I was blown away!!! It was Perfect!!!
I am SUPER-DUPER-HAPPY today with the outcome of the meeting. Although they were not able to finish 3 today, with what Ate Vi has shown me, I do trust them 200% that they will be able execute my designs to perfection...plus I will be ever present with this stage as much as I can. (As a matter of fact, I will be back either this Tuesday or Wednesday for another material selection.)

Guys, just hold on. Pretty soon I will be able to share my collection to everyone. I may be over-selling my designs at this point however for me, I feel that I have placed everything with this collection and no matter what the outcome would, I would be very very HAPPY.

Now I know the feeling of the designer seeing his design into reality for the first time...just like giving birth to your own child. (arte ko...hehe)

See you soon guys.