_Silver Lining

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Black Buttondown: Black Monkey
Gray Tank: Surplus
Cargo Pants: Vintage
Lace-up Boots: Vintage
Silver Tufted Cuff: Ruins
Silver Choker Necklace: TPE
Silver Studded Necklace: FnH
Silver Armor Rings: Forever21

I was a little depressed last week since I really wanted to go on vacation however due to circumstances I have to postpone my summer vacation in preparation of launching my Shoe Line: The Red Pumps. I really wanted to spend sometime on a exotic beach resort, with sand beneath my feet and breezy summer air. But over the weekend, me and Yen decided to watch a movie instead. Surprisingly, it was fun and I truly enjoyed my weekend. Maybe not this summer but I am sure that in the near future I will be lounging and enjoying a well-deserved vacation.

By the way, I just released the 2nd Teaser for The Red Pumps Spring/summer 2012 Collection: MYTH. Click here.

Hope you like it. :D

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What I was wearing, "army-inspired-with-a-twist" look. I know it is summer and layering + wearing dark colored outfit is insane, however there is a trick. Wear something that is loose or over-sized. That is what I did with the over-sized cargo pants, over-sized tank top with opened black button down. Somehow I didn't feel to uncomfortable with it. :D
...revealing tank top. I was loving it. :D
Silver Armor Rings from Forever21. I got them in 2 different sizes.
Silver Tufted Cuffs from Ruins
Necklaces (Top) Silver Choker Necklace from Taipei (Bottom) Silver Studded Necklace (FnH)

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