_Riza Bulawan

This is Riza Bulawan's interpretation of Geometric lines for her Spring/Summer 2012 collection for cocktail and evening gowns. This is not your typical cocktail dresses as the cut and shape of the dresses in this capsule collection is astounding as it gives as a view of what future dresses may look like.
This is my favorite part of the collection, I love the "over-the-top" shoulder design. A little out there but if worn properly could be very edgy and editorial at the same time. This is the "little black dress" of the future....LOVE!!!
You may think that this dress is too simple compared to the rest, however if we are going to check minute details then you would see the subtleness of geometric lines used in the neckline and how the dress hugs the shape of a woman which strongly describes this collection- "Pro-woman" enhancing the shape.
Mermaid cut evening gown with an "armor-like" jacket to keep you warm. Love the neutral palette.
Love the color on this cocktail dress and who can not notice the detail of the skirt...geometric pattern at its best. :D
Geometric explosion at the waist area. Aside from the fanning of fabrics to create the perfect geometric pattern, I love the shiny detail of the fabric which looks like rhinestone or crystals from a-afar.

This is a one designer who knows the body of a woman really well. Enhancing the figure with the dress of the future.

Photographed by Yen Salamoding and Ron Ramiro