It all started 2006, when I started and worked at Dell Philippines. Little did I know I will be meeting people that would be my soulmates forever. We are no longer within 1 company but this didn't stop us have our get together and reminisce good-ol-times. It was PERFECT TIMING, Fifers and Bot are coming home from Singapore and all we need to do is to block our calendars for our reunion. Couple of nights back, everyone blocked their calendars and had the most wonderful evening.
(A little detour...) I found this archived photos from my multiply account and made a little "photo-collage" of our wonderful times together. We have our Team Building activities, breakfasts after work, Cluster Design competition (which has a very fierce competition) and a whole lot more. I never felt I was working and always looked forward going to work because of them. :D
more photos...I may actually create another blog about our archived was really fun and heart-warming to look at. Now to the event proper...ahihi :D
(L-R) Me, Oro and Fifers. It was all set, 5pm was our meeting time at Chili's in Greenbelt 5. I was super duper excited since it was rare that we are all compete with our get together. I think I arrived around 530pm-ish....I went to the gym first. lol...
power couple Fifers + Bot...fresh from Singapore
(L-R) Chiem, Me, Oro and Fifers. Chiem arrived around 7pm-ish..he came all the way from Cavite :D
delish!!!! this chicken fajitas
Chiem looking...."wag po...wag po koya!!!"
(L-R) Chich, Chiem and me. Chich arrived!!! :D
and we are complete!!! When we "volt-in" we are always the noisiest and rowdiest group. We have always been like that...teasing...joking...laughing and everything in between. We stayed until midnight at Chili's...honestly I felt time flew away...
of course...we have to have our bottomless Margarita. I had 3 huge glasses...(p.s. their Margarita is not on a cutie cocktail glass...but on tall glasses) Good thing, I never felt the tequila that much... we were joking the drink was "best-in-Vit C"
We decided to grab coffee at Seattle's Best
Chiem this is for you...or whom we love to call many names including Ganty or now "Gantea" :D
Before we call ourselves Apat Dapat (Fifers, Oro, Chich and Me) after the night ended we are now the KARDASHIAN Family...ahaha. Me being Kim K., Patty as Kourtney K., Chiem as Khloe K., Fifers as Kendall K. and Oro as Lamar Odom...haha.

I had the most wonderful time with them. We have talked non-stop and have made plans for our future get together. I loved that we have agreed amidst our super busy schedule that we will be doing this every couple of months. Next will be our Tagaytay Adventure in June and one I am so thrilled (and hopefully pushes..) to go to JAPAN!!!

I will see you guys know how much I missed you and Love you all!!! Kisses!!!



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