_Prototype Phase

Yesterday, I woke up early and headed to Marikina to meet with my Shoe Manufacturer to discuss everything about The Red Pumps. I am very excited to see what stage we are in right now. I brought everything with me, although me and Yen will just be commuting to the North.

I have been very very excited with The Red Pumps and I am also happy with all the support I am getting from everyone, thus I really wanted to launch the business ASAP. However, with this meeting I have learned in creating a new product TIME + QUALITY is of the essence. :D

I am happy to share to everyone the progress of The Red Pumps.
We arrived around 12 noon, we just have to pass by some other places in Marikina to source materials as well, for myself and Yen. (...which is very exciting since he is also going to launch something very soon.)  Ate Vi and myself wasting no time and discussed important matters.

AGENDA: Finalizing the materials (since some of my previous choices are not available) and discussing if the Shape, Heels, Platforms and Pattern if they will pass my Quality test.
...messy meeting but we got it all together
smile muna for the camera :D
One of our discussion points: Shoe last and the height of the platform. Initially I was showed with this Shoe sample (P.S. This is not a design for The Red Pumps...lol) and my initial reaction was...hmmmm...silence. It was pretty but it wasn't what I had in mind. The height of the platform is not of my liking...I was a bit sad since if we are going to redo everything, it will take more time and money.
...miracle happened. Ate Vi showed me another platform with 2 inches in height (...just the way I LOVE it) and said that one of her clients ordered but didn't like it, I said then I would be very much happy to take it since this is exactly and perfectly what I needed. Here she is showing me 2 inches platform + chunky heels (I have lots of Chunky heels in my design)
_Here she is showing me 2 inches platform + chunky tapered heel. Okay, PROBLEM SOLVED for the height of the platforms. We will just require another Shoe last for the new platform which would just take approximately 2 days.
Since most of my products are to be sold online, I should be able to ensure that valuable customers get the right Shoes and correct fit. Ate Vi gave me this...LOVE it!!!
Showing me how to make measurements for your feet...wheeeew I have so much to learn and I am just so glad that she is so accommodating of all my questions. :D
I will be getting these black shoe boxes. This would be perfect. :D
STUDS!!! I fell in love with them. They will be incorporated with my designs and I also bought for myself and would be using for my DIYs. :D
Next agenda: Shoe Pattern approval. (P.S. with these photos, you will also get a preview of The Red Pumps 1st Shoe Collection) This pattern is good to go...except the Red Serpent leather is not available, she will present me with an alternative soon.
Pattern needs to be revamped...since it doesn't fit the look and feel of my design.
I thought that I will be able to launch The Red Pumps 2nd-3rd week of this month. Honestly before this meeting I am getting frustrated and depressed since I gave the GO SIGNAL for the Prototype production 1st week January and there was a little progress. After this meeting, I have realized that I need to be more patient since creating a new line of product takes time the longest.

I would like to apologize if there will be a delay with the launch, however with the timeline I was given...if everything goes smoothly

Next week: Meeting to approve sample prototype shoes
Next Weekend: Target date completion of Prototype orders
3 weeks after: Completion of Production Orders
Launch date: 2nd or 3rd week of March

I am really really excited and now I understand the business better. Thank you so much for the support and I will see everyone again real soon and will be providing updates. :D