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_PFW Spring/Summer 2012

...waaaaah I feel so embarassed  to be posting this just today. Talk about super-late with my posts. Philippine Fashion Week spring/ Summer 2012 has concluded for almost a month now and I am not even halfway through with all my post. Apologies...It is my last 7 days at work and I have to give it my 200% effort to at least leave everything on a good note.

Finally I have finished updating my post about one of my favorite shows in PFW this season...SLIMS...I can now post other designer's works and BTS or "Shopaholic Monster Behind The Scene view of PFW S/S 2012". It was the time for all Fashionista's, Designers, Bloggers, Photographers, Media etc to converge in one venue and enjoy a week of "pure fashion bliss." That one week were you get to show support to your favorite Fashion Designers and of course just simply have fun...
Of course...Fashion Week will not be complete if you will not be dressing up with your best outfit and walk around the hall of SMX Convention Center. This is what I wore on the 7th Day -Saturday. Please check here for details of this outfit. I call this outfit- London Punk, a mix of sophistication and punk at the same time. I wore all silver jewelries and who could ever miss my Platform Brogues...which I so love the most. (...however at the end of the night, I couldn't take it anymore since I have suffered more bruises ever, I had to take it off  and walk barefoot on my way to the parking area to go home.) You know what they say..."Pain is Beauty"
8th Day outfit...Amish-Inspired Look. I haven't posted my LookBook post however I so love this look. Colors are mostly Black, Gray and White. I "over-accessorized" just the way I like it...I think the technique in "over-accessorizing is using all same color palette. I wore 5 rings, Tons of black bracelets and my super wide rimmed Amish hat. To give that contemporary vibe, I paired it up with my Gray Carrot pants and my Black open-toed Boots and finished off with a Black Patent Leather satchel bag. :D
Yen of StyleYendustry and me of Shopaholic Monster. Or what we call ourselves, "Olsen Twins." It was fun since we decided to have a theme and this is how we look like together. I can't wait for next events and watch out for our themes... :D
What is new this year is Hotspot. A venue where designers collection are displayed and sold to the public. We went there in between shows and say, "Hello." to some of our freinds. :D
We just have to say hello and  "Congratulations"  to Zanne on a terrific show at SMDC. She showcased her S/S 2012 collection and showed her talent and diversity as a designer working on jersey fabric. I will be posting my favorite pieces from her show soon...Please check Lizanne Cua's official website at for details about her work and where to buy them... :D
Preview...mostly I loved her evening dresses. More drama and flare :D
Rich color palette.
Everyone was dying to be and see Jerome's collection. For the past season, he never failed to send out runway-worthy pieces.
This is what caught my attention from his store. This is from his Holiday 2011 collection and the theme was "Ugly Beautiful." Ugly because there were 2 heels, like a deformity yet looks beautiful since it is unique.
Ulysses King and his "Narcosis Collection" You will definitely fall in love with his resort wear collection.
I have always been a fan of wonderful people and everytime I see them, I just can't restrain myself of having a photo taken with them. Young and Talented Veejay Floresca.
Sir Arnold Galang. :D
The one and the only BRYAN BOY. Apologies for the blurry photo (..taken by Yen...hehe) This was the only photo that we have. I am such a big fan of Bryan...thinking how he started as a he get invites to show like Louis Vuitton and other prestigious events worldwide.
Claire of ANTM Cycle 10. She is super nice and super kind. :D
(L-R) Luigi Moises, Me and Levenson Rodriguez. I just have to say, "Hi" I love how Lev got the inspiration for our looks. Hope to see you guys soon. :D
When Angel Locsin and beau Phil Younghusband entered SMX Convention Center...all hell broke loose. Literally...people were screaming and pushing each other just to get a glimpse of the lovely couple. I was lucky where I was standing she and her entourage passed by. She looks so this shot of her. :D


I love taking photos of people who for me embodies true meaning of Fashion. Unfortunately, this season I only got to snap a photo of couple of Fashionistas.
Love the printed skirt over black blouse. The length of the skirt is very contemporary.
Love the bag on him... ;D
If I am not mistaken, the faux fur vest is from Forever21. Love the black jumpsuit and fur vest combo. :D
Very lovely chic ladies...Love the hairstyle on the girl on the right...buzzed off. :D
Killer Boots!!!
After watching the last show this season by L'oreal...I was freaking starving. We decided to have a late dinner at Friday's.
I hope everyone enjoyed Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012. Pretty soon...I will be officially resigned from work and I will be concentrating on my new baby.

Please watch out for new enterprise and the continuation of my PFW S/S 2012 post. Keep safe!!!


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