_Oversized Denim

_Get this Look:
Oversized Denim Shirt: Vintage
Skinny Gray Pants: Tailored
Black Bowler Hat: Topman
B & W Cocktail Ring: SM Dept Store and Taipei
Platform Brogues: Taipei
Black Leather Satchel: Taipei

Just 2 days left and it is Christmas. This holiday season is uber-fun. Reunion with friends...endless Soirees...and gifts. :D. Super late LookBook post, I wore this during my late Saturday dinner with friends. I am loving the oversized look for me. It looks like I work for the Arts. Very simple, oversized denim shirt (vintage) with black tank top underneath. Skinny gray pants which was tailored and of course my platform brogues.

Hope you like it!!!

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...pretending candid shot!!! LOL :D
Merry Christmas everyone and Happy Holidays. Let us also don't forget our beloved brothers and sisters in CDO, let us pray for them and help in any way we can.

See you soon.