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As most of you know, I have already resigned from my corporate career to start my very own business- SHOES. My new work officially started last Tuesday and have kept me very very busy for the past week and I am unable to update-to-the-point of neglecting my blog. I love it though...I am my own company and most of the times I would create a "world" where in I am the "boss" and the "employee" as well. Giving myself schedule to follow for the day including scheduled breaks...LOL.

I am still at around 10-15% phase from launching my new business and I have tons and tons of work to do. First line of business is to come up with my very own Shoe collection, coming up with an inspiration, mood boards then of course I would be injecting what I call back-office work such as coordinating with a Shoe manufacturer, (..which I am still looking for one), going to banks, watching inspirational films etc.

Now it is officially weekend and I can put down my "Artsy-hat" and just relax for a couple of days.
...feeling Designer ako. :D This is my portfolio, I don't have any formal training of any sort in Shoe Designing or Fashion Design. I am graduate of Interior Design which I am using most of the skills that I have. I wanted to get feedback so badly with the collection I have done so far...
I haven't been practicing Interior Design for a long time and most of the materials that I have are missing or lost. So I have to re-purchase what I need and most of them are non-cheap items. I needed clutch pencils, sign pen etc...
My favorite medium, color pencils. Actually in this photo what I am using mostly are Water Color pencils. I use them though as regular colored pencils. The lead are much softer and easy to work with. Some of them are now only 2 inches due to excessive use.
Color that dominated my first collection. I hope that it is good though :D
I am just happy that I still write like an architect. This is how ID and Archi would write. Like what I said, I didn't have an official class in Shoe Designing, I just got online and check how to sketch shoes and brought in my skills as Interior Design. Like here I am sketching my design "scaled" 1:200, meaning the dimension is accurate only scaled smaller or larger (...jargon)  :D
Good that I am not actually using my T-Square and Drafting board yet. I am still okay with a clipboard, triangle and metric scale. Here, just doodling around... :D
Question: 7 inches heels...is that to high???
Preview of my work.
It is very exciting to come up with these ideas and me just thinking that one day this would be manufactured gives me the chills. I just can't wait for that day...I know I have millions and millions of things to do and me a novice in business entrepreneurship has a lot of things to learn, but I know somehow with some help I will be able to pull this through.

Monday, would be my 2nd week and I would be much harder to myself and will make sure that I will never slack off. There is also a convention in Megatrade Hall that I am excited to go and this will help me a lot understand how can I move forward to the 2nd phase of my business.

I will keep you guys updated. Keep safe and enjoy your weekends!!!


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