Michael Cinco

I have to start my post about the recently concluded and majorly successful Philippine Fashion Week 2011 Spring/ Summer 2012 with a huge BANG!!! I was fortunate enough to be a witness in unveiling the Haute Couture- Avant Garde Collection from very talented Fashion Designers of SLIMS.

It was certainly a FASHION ORGASM + HEAVEN, all rolled into one. I was salivating the whole time and can't help be inspired with the visions of our very own Fashion Designers.

Michael Cinco was the "MAN-OF-THE-HOUR" as everyone marveled as he unveiled his Spring/ Summer 2012 collection to everyone. The craftsmanship and sheer genius that was placed in each ensemble was perfection. Michael Cinco had 2 separate shows this season- one was hosted by L'oreal where he unveiled the entire collection. (I have seen the photos and it was truly mind-blowing...and I was unfortunate enough not to see it since I have to be at work) and the 2nd which was truly a blessing was with his colleagues at SLIMS Fashion Show.

Congratulations Michael Cinco...you are truly one brilliant Fashion Designer and your recent collection truly is world class and I can imagine it in Paris Runways.
This was the opening white dress of Michael Cinco which truly captured the attention of everyone...and I was one of them and I was lured on "how-the-fabric-came-to-be."
The Intricacy of the details is phenomenal...BRAVO!!!!!!!!!
White Tuxedo...feminine yet looks very powerful and elegant.
Simply "jaw-dropping..." Genius...genius...genius!!!!!!!!!
I just adore the back detailing of the dress...how the cut was made to resemble the back vertebrae
If you have Ice Queen and Ice Princess then definitely you need to have your loyal subjects/ warriors. I would want to have the armor-plates. Was able to use it and complemented the whole look.
The "rich wave"
...more warriors
The antagonist of the story...when Ria Bolivar went out with this finale look, I was wondering who was she portraying... then I realized she is the evil Sun Queen who will wreak havoc to the land of Ice.

In my years of watching/ covering Philippine Fashion Week, I have never seen something like this. This is HIGH FASHION and was created with perfection. I will be posting more of SLIMS Haute Couture/ Avant Garde Fashion Show.

Stay Tuned Shopaholic Monsters!!!!!!!!!!!!


Photographed by Yen Salamoding and Ron Ramiro


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