James Reyes

International Designer Philip Treacy has started a whole new trend in Avant Garde Hat designs...which was made popular with the guest who attended the royal wedding and A-list celebrity like Sarah Jessica Parker. That is why when James Reyes Haute Couture/ Avant Garde collection walked the runway, it was such a nice vision that a Filipino designer is able to capture the essence of these head pieces- Ethereal, Young and most definitely AVANT GARDE.

James Reyes have chosen a single color palette for his 6 piece collection and would vary from the cut and style of the dress which where the head pieces will get their inspiration from. You know what they say, "Black is Power...and made even more powerful adorned with ethereal headpieces."

I have been a huge...huge...huge fan of head pieces or hats as it adds story to your entire outfit. When I have seen the runway, all I can is, "Bravo...Bravo...Bravo!!!"
You would see how the volume of the fabric at the waistline is mirrored with her Avant Garde headpiece.
Love...love..love the spiral headpiece which at first glance would look like hair extension arranged in such fashion for a very high fashion editorial shoot.  
The "Art-deco-ish" print of the top that resembles stained glass is replicated with her headpiece. Something really breathtaking.
Another take on the "art-deco-ish" headpiece.
This is my favorite piece of the collection...very edgy and it doesn't look like your average headpiece...for me it looks like a High Fashion Crown that can be worn by Lady Gaga. Simple black dress with straight lines inspired the "crown-like" headpiece."
Don't you just love James Reyes' collection standing together... All black with their Whimsical headpieces looks classic yet made ethereal with the head pieces. Congratulations!!!!

...more to come from SLIMS Haute Couture/ Avant Garde Fashion Show.

Photographed by Yen Salamoding and Ron Ramiro


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