A HS Reunion

It's a very rare occasion that we have a complete barkada but when it does...it is super fun and non-stop chikahan all night long. Over the weekend, I met with my HS BFFs for dinner at Jean's place before she flies back to Dubai. Delicious food, fantastic company and babies. :D
(L-R) Lois, Jean, Grace and Me :D BFFs since Highschool
Cute and super adorable babies. (L-R) Yani, Jean's niece and Caitlin, Grace's baby. We were watching them play make-up and they look so cute. If you would look at Yani you would see that she has pink eyeshadow. She is one "Kikay" baby. :D
Dinner time. Prepared by good friend Jean.
Being with you love ones is truly fun and exciting. It is rare that we get to see each other but when we do, as if not one day has passed we weren't together. I will see you guys soon.




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