Wreaking HAVOC

It is official people...I am IN LOVE!!! In love with my new Monster Shoes: HAVOC II. I just wanted to share how excited I was when I first wear these Monster Shoes on a night of fun!!! Wore the new love-of-my-life HAVOC II shoes with our signature 4 inches platforms couple of weeks back celebrating the win of Project Runway Phil. contestant Cheetah Rivera. (Click HERE for event photos) The event was so amazing and made even more amazing because of my new FAB shoes!!!

"I am truly, madly, crazy IN LOVE with my new baby!!!"

By the way, this is now available on our online store THE RED PUMPS. Order HERE.
Black mullet buttondown- THE RED PUMPS
Flouro Mix Animal Print Trousers- MOGUL
4 inches Platforms- THE RED PUMPS

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