Power Catch Up

Holy CRAP!!! 1 month went by and I failed single handedly to updated my personal blog!!! (A new world record). If there's an award of "World's Laziest Blogger", I can assure you I will not be awarded. LOL. I have an excuse...hehe. My time has been 200% dedicated to my biz- THE RED PUMPS ...and I am also keeping THE RED PUMPS' blog updated...3 times at least/ per day. (Now am I excused for not receiving the bad blogger award???)

Anyways...not sure if that will never happen again. As I guess my role/ title and whatever-you-want-to-call-it has change from Blogger to Shoe Designer and is LOVING every bit and every second of it. I will do my best to update my personal space. Alternatively you can visit our other blog at www.theredpumps.com/blog-html

Here is a month's worth (I Hope...) of some updates/ photos that has happend with me. XOXO

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