Pilipinas Men's Fashion Week

We were so excited to be attending the very first show of Pilipinas Men's Fashion Week. Morever...we were a million times excited since one of the producer of the event is good colleague Nico Agustin together with MJ Alminanza and showcasing their collection (some would be their first time as well....aaaw!) are our good friends. Personally I wanted to attend the 3 day event with perfect attendance, unfortunately with my crazy schedule with business we were able only to attend the finale runway show last Sunday. (...and P.S. I was so enthralled by the fact most of the pieces that walked the show are truly runway worthy)

Below are some of the behind-the-scene photos captured before and after the runway show. :D
What the "Olsen Twins" were wearing. Theme: LAYERING. I will be posting my outfit look on my next blog :D The day/ venue was uncomfortably humid but nonetheless, we have to "WORK" it.
FADAL Family and friends :D
YES!!! Mow-dels!!!
Fashion Designer Clint Catalan wearing his Tote creation. See my last blog and you will see why I LOVE and ADORE his collection.
very dear friend Fashion Stylist Domz Ramos. He also styled during the event
Menswear Designer Matt Leveriano with beau Ehiacinth Miranda. I am loving the 2nd collection Matt came up with- he is wearing one now.
And of course good friends and brilliant producers Nico Agustin and MJ Alminanza. "Congratulations for bringing Pilipinas Men's Fashion Week here. A new venue to showcase talented designers with their genius creations!!!"

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