Philippine Fashion Week: Menswear
Herbert Custodio

Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012 has just ended...and I can't think of a better way to revamp my entire blog. Honestly I have been back and forth in making my blog more simpler, I feel that my past blog has been so cluttered and with all the new post (PhFW) I will need a better and easier way to upload.

This is the same blogspace, I just hid my previous blog and and can still be accessed...for me specially since the main reason I can't leave my previous space was because of all the memories/ time and effort i have put into my first blog. Anyways, finally my SHOPAHOLIC MONSTERS...I did it!!! This space is still currently WIP (work in progress) as I will still make this more "ME"

For my 1st post here would be some collection that intrigued me on the Menswear part of Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012. First would be Herbert Custodio. What I liked the most would be the grapchis that he has used on his designs....although there were a number of designs (pixelated prints) which strongly reminded me of a collection that was shown in Japan Fashion Week.

Some photos below...enjoy.

More photos of other collection soon!!!

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