PhFW Day 5

As much as I wanted to attend all the shows during Philippine Fashion Weeks, it seems impossible for me due to my crazy schedule...and attending more shows means I have TONS & TONS of photos to upload. LOL Jumping from Day 2 to Day 6 of PhFW, we attended the finale show of the night from 4 of the most coveted designers Arnold Galang, Jerome Salaya Ang, Phillip Tampus and Renee Salud. And "OH YESSSS!!!" It is like I had Fashion Orgasm with their edgy and speaking to me loudly!!! Here is what happened...
THE RED PUMPS at the FRONT ROW!!! Certainly one of the Peak-of-the-day for me and the best seats on the house to see all the collection!!!
The Red Pumps shoes in action: DEATHTRAP, ANGELINA and HAVOC II (as worn by Ryan, Leah and me)
with Fashion Designer Jerome Salaya Ang
with Fashion Designer: Russel Villafuerte
After the show, we decided to go to KYSS Bar to celebrate with Becky Nights and Panty Monsters Hallow's Eve (which I may add, we got lost due to really bad instructions online of the venue)
FLIQUE Magazine's big-wigs...I was really stunned and surprised. (L-R)  Aries, John Lozano (EIC of Flique) and Vince Flores (Editor of Flique)...their costume was really awesome and may I add...never knew them at first!!!
with the DIVINE LEE!!! I swear, I never had one good photo with her. I always look like a freak or something :(
Capping off our night at Wendy's. Everyone was starving. Really had a fun night with everyone Yen, Peter, Leah and Ryan. Till next time <3

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