PhFW Day 1

Day1 of Philippine Fashion Week was so tight for me. We just finished our bazaar at World Trade Center and I was doing manual labor the whole day...sorting out our shoes, encoding the sales, packing the shoe orders for shipment etc. Literally I had lunch around 4pm,  dressed up and ran to SMX for the Fashion Week. Peek of the Day: We were lucky enough to be seated at the FRONT ROW for the SUPERMODEL PHILS show and was able to get good shots. and 3rd Row for this seasons opener EZRA SANTOS & ALBERT ANDRADA's show (which was phenomenal...will grab and post photos soon) :D Super enjoyed the rest of the evening and everything was worth it. :D
PhFW Day1 Outfit: Chanelling CHANEL...(Chos...)I had this wonderful tweed blazer for quite sometime now and didn't know how to put it together till this day. <3
FRONT ROW shot by Dennis Esguerra. Thank you so much!!! <3
With Fashion Stylist Leah Rous (who styled for the show), Yen Salamoding of Mogul, Rencie Santos (Jewelry/ Accessory Designer)
(L-R) BFF Juan Carlos Alomajan of Migotilyo and Photographer for Flique Mag, Menswear Designer/ FADAL Levenson Rodriguez and  Rencie Santos (Jewelry/ Accessory Designer)
Young and FASHION crowd...with John Abiba and Jefferson Yarra

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