1. wealth; affluence
2. great abundance; profusion

Funny how much I changed with the course of time since I started my Shoe Business THE RED PUMPS. I would like to call it "reinvention." Very reason why I named this blog as "SHOPAHOLIC MONSTER" is that it embodies what I love to do. But now, I rarely go out to shop and learned that there is something NEW and EXCITING in making your own SHOES...CLOTHES. For the past couple of LookBook post that I did 70-80% of my outfit are our very own. I think I am able to channel my creative energy from shopping to designing/ sourcing and manufacturing our products!!!

Last Tuesday went to FLIQUE Magazine 2nd Launch Party. Click HERE for the blog post. OPULENCE was my peg, inspired by this wonderful scarf fabric I found and turning it into a wonderful scarf print trousers. As part of my reinvention, I am totally fascinated with prints and wanted to go MAJOR OVERLOAD just like I do with my accessories.

P.S. I am so IN LOVE with my HAVOC II Creepers. Exclusive only from THE RED PUMPS. You will see more outfit post with me wearing my love!!!
Scarf Print Blazer: Marina Sithon for Kamosho Paris
Scarf Print Trouser: THE RED PUMPS
Fashion War Accessories: HAVOC II Creepers...standing proud at 4 inches
Opulent rings...
I was feeling very Parisian that night!!!
Hope you can hype this on LOOKBOOK Here.

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