My very own SATC

Just had my last post-holiday dinner/ reunion last night with my fab girls which I fondly recalled my Sex and the City gal pals. (They were my college bff's and during those years, SATC is on TV and I was their biggest and #1 fan...and still am). Of course I am Carrie Bradshaw...haha and not Standford It is really nice to have a get together like this, once or twice a year but time seems irregardless or irrelevant since the night will be filled with laughter regaling childhood memories and updating ourselves with what has been keeping our time lately. "I love you girls always and forever...chos"
Had dinner reservations at a Mexican restaurant at BGC. I arrived 6pm I was the one who reserved the place. Hehe...while waiting...checking my mails
print-on-print...very pretty!!!
Tricia and Shery
Mexican food platter...I swear...I came home starving after dinner as I yip-yap the entire night and ate a few only.
Nachos..."i-bottomless and saya..." Yes we ordered unlimited, bad for me...I felt bloated the entire night...hehe
(L-R) Tricia, Shery, Joana, Me, Jakelyn and daughter Kate
Had coffee afterwards...
"my precious..."
Little trivia about me: my other nickname during college was "Babyspice" for very obvious reasons...hehe
Thank you for all the presents!!! I truly LOVE them all!!! Hope to see you soon girls. XOXO.

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