"My Precious..."

Showing and sharing my ADDICTION for everyone to see. :D Here are the ranking of my addiction: 1.) SHOES!!! (NO DOUBT!!!! Will kill and die!!!) 2.) RINGS!!! I will be perfect for the role of LORD of the rings...chos. I have always been fascinated by them and would love to adorn every single finger of mine (...as much as I could and can accommodate) with a ring. I don't have any specific "go-to" brand when buying my rings, as my fashion rule go, "look for what is so RARE and is so you!!!" I guess I am just lucky...paired with amazing eyes as to spot that gem in a haystack and just being at the right place at the right time. :D
ANIMAL RINGS (L-R) Elephant Ring, Ram Ring, Leopard Ring (in brass and silver), Eagle Ring and my ultimate-fave- swear-it-is-so-fucking-unique Rhino Ring.
BONE COLLECTION (L-R) Knuckle Ring, Skull Ring, White Cocktail Ring, Spike Ring
ONYX RING (L-R) Onyx Encrusted Black Ring, Onyx Ring, Onyx with Diamond Ring, Trio Onyx Ring, Onyx Band Ring
SPIKE RINGS in brass and silver
CYLINDER RINGS in gold and silver
CROSS RINGS in single and connector rings
Skull Rings
(L-R) Blue Cocktail Ring, Krypton Ring, Silver Hardware Ring
BLACK FAMILY (L-R) Toy Soldier Ring, Cone Ring, Black Spike Ring, Black Star Ring, Black Cocktail Ring, Armor Ring
and my newest. most "favorite-est" TALON RING from Ann Ong. I am so IN LOVE and I DIED!!! :D

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