Monster Shoes

Guys, I have never been so excited to share this really MONSTROUS...AWESOME...GIGANTIC NEWS to everyone!!! I just got home from my shoemaker (braving the stormy weather today..) and look what I got!!!


These are not your typical creepers that you see everyday...proudly they stand tall at 4 INCHES rubber platform. This is just to tease everyone about the new collection we will be releasing soon here at THE RED PUMPS. For the meantime, I am one lucky guy...especially on my upcoming birthday...I get first dibs on these freakishly-amazing-monstrous-shoes!!! ( jealous...hehe...just kidding)

Don't worry, everyone will have a chance to have their very own Monster Shoes and wreak HAVOC everywhere.

On other note...

Have you seen our website yet??? It is day 1 of our BIRTHDAY SALE wherein huge discounts up to 20% are up for grabs!!! Our simplest way to extend our appreciation and gratitude to everyone for continued support with THE RED PUMPS.

If you haven't checked out site yet...just follow this link

Check our prices!!! From Php2350.00 down to Php 1998.00 after 15% discount!!! GO...GO..GO!!! Take advantage of huge sale on all our products with discounts ranging from 5% up to 20%. This would be the perfect chance that you may have been waiting have your very own pair of THE RED PUMPS.
Here they are!!!
as comparison to other normal shoes!!!

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