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Mullet Buttondown in Neon Mix Animal Print: R-Squared Design (
Tailored Pants: Tailored
Lace-up Boots: Vintage
Leopard Print Bowtie: TPE
Top Hat: Yen's
Animal Rings: collected

Philippine Fashion Week has just ended last Sunday...I don't know where to begin my Philippine Fashion Week posts...and I am pretty sure that it will take me months to complete everything (juggling time with work, errands etc) So I decided to upload the easiest first, my outfit for the Holiday 2012 of PhFW.

This is what I wore to the first shows that we have attended and in reality it is already DAY 3. (guilty...I have to see the result of AI first before I enjoyed PhFW)

I am so glad that this is my 1st outfit. I am proud to say that my Neon Mix Animal Print Mullet Buttondown is my design. We were lucky enough to spot this gorge fabric (and for me, it resembles the collab of Versace x HnM) These mullet buttondown comes in different color and print...(which I have wore all throughout PhFW) and will be sold soon at our online shop at

The happiest part of the day was, I had so much positive feedback from friends and people I just met at PhFW. I felt like I was a VIP...hehe. Anyways I hope you guys like my look. I will be posting my other looks soon.

Hope you like it. :D

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ANIMAL PRINT VOMIT: Mullet buttondown in Neon mix animal print (The Red Pumps) fabric...I just love it so much. I paired it with my animal rings and accentuated my clutch bag with leopard print (vintage) scarf. Also wore an leopard print bowtie (Taipei) and to top it off...with Leopard necklace (Forever21).
Loving my Top peg: Ring Leader/ Lion
Mullet style top...we have it now for MEN's...exclusively at THE RED PUMPS.

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