Power Catch Up

Holy CRAP!!! 1 month went by and I failed single handedly to updated my personal blog!!! (A new world record). If there's an award of "World's Laziest Blogger", I can assure you I will not be awarded. LOL. I have an excuse...hehe. My time has been 200% dedicated to my biz- THE RED PUMPS ...and I am also keeping THE RED PUMPS' blog updated...3 times at least/ per day. (Now am I excused for not receiving the bad blogger award???)

Anyways...not sure if that will never happen again. As I guess my role/ title and whatever-you-want-to-call-it has change from Blogger to Shoe Designer and is LOVING every bit and every second of it. I will do my best to update my personal space. Alternatively you can visit our other blog at www.theredpumps.com/blog-html

Here is a month's worth (I Hope...) of some updates/ photos that has happend with me. XOXO


Tick-tock-tick-tock...the countdown begins!!! You have 12 hours or less to start PANICKING as the LAST DAY OF SALE of our MONSTER SHOES is today!!! Don't miss this big opportunity as we held our very 1st SALE on our Monster Shoes!!! "Ahhhhh!!!! Panick Mode ON."

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Just bought my Nov-Dec issue of FLIQUE Magazine and was so excited like a child on Christmas morning, devouring page after page after page. Then we see our works featured in the magazine. "Thank you so much FLIQUE for the feature and the opportunity. I must say, Best Issue yet!!! Congrats and keep'em coming!!!"

P.S. As a bonus, just uncovered a photo of myself and Yen <3


Hey Shoe-a-holics...our Red Alert Sale STARTS NOW!!! Enjoy up to 40% DISCOUNT on all On-Hand items with prices as low as Php999.00 starting 11/30/2012....good news is Sale is good until supplies last. This is our way of spreading LOVE and JOY this Yuletide Season. Let us be the first ones to greet everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Shop and reward yourself with a much deserve pair of shoe from THE RED PUMPS!!!

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The Red Pumps Update:

Hey Shoe-a-holics!!! Just a little update from our beloved shoe brand (chos!!!) THE RED PUMPS. This is so exciting...they are having a CHIRISTMAS SALE with really huge discount. If you have missed their previous sale, then this is your chance!!!

Holiday Season is fast approaching!!! Just couple of days to go and it is December already. THE RED PUMPS would like to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year to everyone with our RED ALERT SALE!!! With up to 40% OFF on all On-Hand items. Sale starts on 11/30/2012...2 more days...stay tuned!!!

THE RED PUMPS (www.theredpumps.com)

Monster Shoes

THE RED PUMPS update: We are so happy to present the latest addition to our MONSTER SHOES. We have DEATHTRAP ver.2, HALLOWS, DAVIS GOLD & HAVOC GOLD. Having "shoegasm" yet??? What are you wating for? They are are now available.

Order HERE

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Philippine Fashion Week S/S 2013

Still under PhFW hungover...LOL. My schedule has been extremely busy and crazy...weeks before Fashion Week has commenced. There has been a lot that has been going on with THE RED PUMPS. 1.) We had the SUPERB Bazaar which is extremely successful and met a lot of wonderful SHOE-A-HOLICS and was so flattered when most of you guys said that you have been following my 2 blogs: SHOPAHOLIC MONSTER & THE RED PUMPS. (promise...super kilig!!!!) 2.) PhFW S/S 2013 season...met a lot of wonderful new friends here in Manila and wonderful and fashionable people from Iloilo. I feel that we have been truly blessed and is very thankful for all the blessings.

I know this is a super-duper late post but wanted to share some snapshots of THE RED PUMPS shoes at PhFW S/S 2013!!!
DEATHTRAP working the runway!!!
new wonderful friend in DeathTrap, Ryan Hinayhinay from Iloilo <3
Paris Cut-out Oxfords as worn by Photographer/ Designer of Migotilyo Juan Carlos Alomajan
(right) Rapture worn by good friend from Iloilo Josh Sales
fave Fashion Stylist/ MUA/ Fashion Blogger Leah Rous with our creation of Heeless Bootie <3
Fashion Avant-garde Moi wearing our Monster shoes: Hallows
THE RED PUMPS shoes working the FRONTROW!!! <3
Client wearing Shelly Black Glitters during PhFW!!!
Leah Rous wearing Angelina Color Block I...YES..her again...hehe. She has a total of 5 shoes from THE RED PUMPS!!
...and of course, the "best-est" way to market your products...be your own model...hehe. Here are couple of photos of my outfit during the entire Fashion Week season. LOL. Till the next Fashion Week guys!!! We can't wait <3

BIG "Thank You!!!

To every SHOE-A-HOLICS who has visited us, showed support and purchased from THE RED PUMPS, we would like to extend our appreciation. A BIG "THANK YOU!!!" Everyone's support was overwhelming and what we loved most about our 3-Day Bazaar was we met a lot of wonderful and fashionable people. "THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!" Please watch out for our announcement soon, a small gesture for all the support. We LOVE you everyone!!!

Monster Series:


We are so ecstatic to present one of the newest addition to our Monster Shoes: RAPTURE. Our gladiator sandals (unisex) comes fully spiked...ready to march and to follow your hearts evil desires. Uses velcro for that easy closure of our wide-spiked-ankle-straps. Ready to follow your every command and go to your FASHION WAR!!!

Lusting over RAPTURE yet??? :D

Now available via PRE-ORDER. Order HERE.

The Red Pumps Monster Series:


We were all so happy when we have received the final output of our latest design for Monster Shoe Series: DEATHTRAP. Not for the faint-hearted...the 4 inches platform comes screaming out loud with its unique "window" detail with protruding  jagged teeth!!! And its upper's  front and rear is lavished with silver spikes that is ready to stab anyone on your path!!!

Truly one MONSTER you don't want to mess with!!!

Now available ON-HAND and PRE-ORDER. Order HERE.

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