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The Red Pumps


Hey Shoe-a-holics...our Red Alert Sale STARTS NOW!!! Enjoy up to 40% DISCOUNT on all On-Hand items with prices as low as Php999.00 starting 11/30/2012....good news is Sale is good until supplies last. This is our way of spreading LOVE and JOY this Yuletide Season. Let us be the first ones to greet everyone a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Shop and reward yourself with a much deserve pair of shoe from THE RED PUMPS!!!

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The Red Pumps Update:

Hey Shoe-a-holics!!! Just a little update from our beloved shoe brand (chos!!!) THE RED PUMPS. This is so exciting...they are having a CHIRISTMAS SALE with really huge discount. If you have missed their previous sale, then this is your chance!!!

Holiday Season is fast approaching!!! Just couple of days to go and it is December already. THE RED PUMPS would like to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year to everyone with our RED ALERT SALE!!! With up to 40% OFF on all On-Hand items. Sale starts on 11/30/2012...2 more days...stay tuned!!!



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Monster SALE!!!

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