Sun is shining!!! We missed you so much!!! How are you guys? Hoping everyone is doing well. SILVER LINING: with the recent event, everyone is doing their share to help out our "kababayans" who were truly affected and devastated by the heavy downpour causing flash floods, whether via sharing valuable information online (FB, Tweeter, Blogs etc) and of course sharing a portion by donating relief goods. With simple gestures like this would go a very LONG LONG way to our dear "kababayans".

Here is another way to share support. OPERATION : MONSOON RELIEF, a fundraising show for the monsoon flood victims for the benefit of RED CROSS MAKATI being directed by good friend Levenson Rodriguez. If you have free time, please do drop by.

Thank you guys!!! Stay safe and keep warm <3

Helping Hands

How are you guys??? Here at THE RED PUMPS, we are hoping that everyone is safe and is able to cope up in this time of crisis. For us who are lucky who have electricity and or able to go online, let us share these information below. Some of our loved ones may need our help.

Relief good and Donations will be hugely appreciated. Just kindly contact the Relief Goods hotline below. I am also 100% sure that aside from these establishments, your local Church are open to receive helping hands from us who were less affected by these trying times.

Also, Check out the relief center near you and see how you can help! Click here: http://president.gov.ph/evacuation-centers-relief-operations/

Let us share our helping hands to those who need them. :D