PhFW S/S 2013
Cherry Veric

I have been such a huge fan of Cherry Veric, bubbly personality with design prowess to beat. His Spring/Summer 2013 consist of red carpet-worthy evening gowns that is bathed with embellishments that were carefully hand-beaded in the right places to conceal and reveal right amount of "sexy" at the same time. 'Congrats my dear friend!!! Super LOVELY collection <3"

PhFW Day 6

I am HAPPY & super thankful for a very busy schedule with THE RED PUMPS, thus late post of my photo diary of PhFW Day 6. Peak-of-the-day: Got to see Grand Allure Collection and PhFW Finale Menswear and we have the best seats in the house!!!! :D Here is what happened...
front row at MENSWEAR SHOW as photographed by Status Magazine. Wearing what a good friend called, "VV: Very VERSACE!!!" Blazer is vintage from Paris and trousers and HAVOC creepers, both from THE RED PUMPS
HAVOC, Leah Heeless and Hallows Monster Shoes working Day6 of PhFW!!!
(L-R) John Abiba and Moi Diego. Moi wearing HALLOWS!!!
My Heeless shoe for Leah Rous!!!
man-crush: Popo Go
Shoe Designer and host of Design para sa Lahat Brian Tenorio with good looking friend: Jeremiah
Fashion Stylists: Paris and Paris

Randall Solomon S/S 2013

Loving every single piece shown at the collection of Randall Solomon S/S 2013 at the Grand Allure Show for PhFW. My heart was racing with all the flair, drama and the grandeur of his evening/ wedding gowns... and the accessories that he has used together with his pieces are phenomenal and truly out-of-the-box!!! One of my top faves this season!!!

PhFW Day 5

As much as I wanted to attend all the shows during Philippine Fashion Weeks, it seems impossible for me due to my crazy schedule...and attending more shows means I have TONS & TONS of photos to upload. LOL Jumping from Day 2 to Day 6 of PhFW, we attended the finale show of the night from 4 of the most coveted designers Arnold Galang, Jerome Salaya Ang, Phillip Tampus and Renee Salud. And "OH YESSSS!!!" It is like I had Fashion Orgasm with their edgy and speaking to me loudly!!! Here is what happened...
THE RED PUMPS at the FRONT ROW!!! Certainly one of the Peak-of-the-day for me and the best seats on the house to see all the collection!!!
The Red Pumps shoes in action: DEATHTRAP, ANGELINA and HAVOC II (as worn by Ryan, Leah and me)
with Fashion Designer Jerome Salaya Ang
with Fashion Designer: Russel Villafuerte
After the show, we decided to go to KYSS Bar to celebrate with Becky Nights and Panty Monsters Hallow's Eve (which I may add, we got lost due to really bad instructions online of the venue)
FLIQUE Magazine's big-wigs...I was really stunned and surprised. (L-R)  Aries, John Lozano (EIC of Flique) and Vince Flores (Editor of Flique)...their costume was really awesome and may I add...never knew them at first!!!
with the DIVINE LEE!!! I swear, I never had one good photo with her. I always look like a freak or something :(
Capping off our night at Wendy's. Everyone was starving. Really had a fun night with everyone Yen, Peter, Leah and Ryan. Till next time <3

PhFW Day 2

Day 2...couldn't my week be more tighter than ever. Here was my itenerary of the day: GYM + CLIENT MEETING + GO HOME + WORK + 930PM PHFW SHOW. PEEK OF THE DAY: met a lot of new wonderful people that share the same interest as me!!! <3
With my new friends!!! Mostly from Iloilo <3
Project Runway Philippines Season 3 finalist Fatima Guerrero
Yeoh Egwaras, owner of Yeoh Modelling Agency
Mark Crawford with Fashion friends
(L-R) John Abiba, Moi "Hallows", Jadel Sales, Yen Salamoding and Josh Sales
(L-R) Em, Rei Hontanar, Marvin and Ryan Hinayhinay (My new bestie <3) I instantly fell in love with these wonderful poeple.
This is what I LOVE about Fashion Week, meeting new and wonderful people that share the same interest that you have!!! <3

PhFW Day 1

Day1 of Philippine Fashion Week was so tight for me. We just finished our bazaar at World Trade Center and I was doing manual labor the whole day...sorting out our shoes, encoding the sales, packing the shoe orders for shipment etc. Literally I had lunch around 4pm,  dressed up and ran to SMX for the Fashion Week. Peek of the Day: We were lucky enough to be seated at the FRONT ROW for the SUPERMODEL PHILS show and was able to get good shots. and 3rd Row for this seasons opener EZRA SANTOS & ALBERT ANDRADA's show (which was phenomenal...will grab and post photos soon) :D Super enjoyed the rest of the evening and everything was worth it. :D
PhFW Day1 Outfit: Chanelling CHANEL...(Chos...)I had this wonderful tweed blazer for quite sometime now and didn't know how to put it together till this day. <3
FRONT ROW shot by Dennis Esguerra. Thank you so much!!! <3
With Fashion Stylist Leah Rous (who styled for the show), Yen Salamoding of Mogul, Rencie Santos (Jewelry/ Accessory Designer)
(L-R) BFF Juan Carlos Alomajan of Migotilyo and Photographer for Flique Mag, Menswear Designer/ FADAL Levenson Rodriguez and  Rencie Santos (Jewelry/ Accessory Designer)
Young and FASHION crowd...with John Abiba and Jefferson Yarra

PhFW Spring/ Summer 2013
Lizanne Cua

Good friend Lizanne Cua showcased her latest collection, "Of Half Light" during Day 2 of PhFW Spring/Summer 2013. Zanne has created easy, clean and breezy ensemble for women and what I love most with the collection are her evening gowns...soft...flowy and elegant. "Of Half Light" will be available at the Vatican The Podium Shop at the 4th Floor of the Podium (Markati Palazzo Area) tonight (27th October 2012 Saturday), get first dibs and SHOP away!!! Below are my TOP PICKS!!! "Congrats dear Zanne...really amazing collection!!! <3"

To see complete set, please click HERE.
Photo Credits: Bruce Casanova

PhFW Day 1:
Albert Andrada & Ezra Santos

Was so happy to have seen the latest collection of 2 of the country's celebrated Fashion Designers: Albert Andrada & Ezra Santos. They opened this seasons Philippine Fashion Week 2013...and surely they have raised the bar as both of them showcased top caliber designs that is ethereal & world-class. "Congratulations!!!"
Photo Credits: Bruce Casanova

Philippine Fashion Week Day 1

It's my favorite time of the year...not Christmas...but FASHION WEEK!!! Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013 has already commenced and again all of FASHION people will be ONE. Probably this is one of my most craziest and busiest sched week to date. I have to juggle my time between THE RED PUMPS and of course PhFW. But OOHHH so LOVING it!!! Will be posting tibdits of the event as much as I could and as much as my schedule allows me.

Day 1, was able to attend the SUPERMODEL Philippines where a Filipina and the 1st Filipino Supermodel will emerge. Here are some of the highlights and the winners!!!

Jesus is the new BLACK

Super late LookBook post... :D

This is what I wore to the day 5 of Philippine Fashion Week. Super busy and just had time to post it today. I was wearing my Black mullet button down shirt and paired it with all black accessories. This was inspired with what I wore to FADAL's event last December and I loved it so much that I decided that I will tweak that previous outfit a bit.
Black Mullet Button Down- The Red Pumps
Coat Vest- Vintage
Pants- TPE
Mandals- TPE
Studded Clutch- DIY
Bone Knuckles- OS Accessories
Skull Necklace- TPE
Studded Necklace- FnH