Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012
Philipp Tampus

When the name Philipp Tampus flashed on the screen, there was some sort of a vague recollection and somewhat "familiarity" about the the name. When the show ended and he walked the runway, it made me smile since this confirmed that he was from Project Runways Philippines Season 1 and was a runner-up. I was pleasantly surprised with his collection.The most striking about this is his "taste level" certainly improved from his contest days. Honestly, I wasn't his fan before however after this collection...everything changed.

I love how he has grown up and I can tell his strong points in designing are in evening gowns. I love the romantics , sophistication and the "regal grandeur" of his designs. It certainly reminds me of Red carpet looks from Marchesa or McQueen-ish. Congratulations Philipp Tampus!!! You certainly have gone a long long way from your previous days and hopefully will be a start of a very wonderful career.