Party Crashers!!!

Hi everyone!!! Sorry I am not able to update my blog as much as I wanted to do. Most of my days...and nights are spent working. Hehehe. I really have no time to go out and have fun...that is why when good friend JC Alomajan of Migotilyo invited us out to celebrate a friend's Birthday party at Palladium, we said "YES!!!" LOL

Talk about GATE CRASHING!!! I don't know the celebrant personally but I knew of her + I thought this would be a perfect night just to relax, unwind with good friends and MARKET THE BUSINESS (see even parties like this, I bring my work with me)

I really had fun.

P.S. I failed (or I was too lazy) to bring my DLSR so I just grabbed photos everywhere online. Ahehe.
JC, Yen and Me. Theme of the night/ party was color blocking. It would be rude not to follow. I love my colors
when the open bar ended, we still haven't had still bought couple of cocktails
With Lev...It was so wonderful to finally have seen him. Had a wonderful conversation with him (as always) and got wonderful tips with business!!!
Fashion Show
Till my next post guys!!! Will work even harder for guys!!! :D