Power Catch Up

Holy CRAP!!! 1 month went by and I failed single handedly to updated my personal blog!!! (A new world record). If there's an award of "World's Laziest Blogger", I can assure you I will not be awarded. LOL. I have an excuse...hehe. My time has been 200% dedicated to my biz- THE RED PUMPS ...and I am also keeping THE RED PUMPS' blog updated...3 times at least/ per day. (Now am I excused for not receiving the bad blogger award???)

Anyways...not sure if that will never happen again. As I guess my role/ title and whatever-you-want-to-call-it has change from Blogger to Shoe Designer and is LOVING every bit and every second of it. I will do my best to update my personal space. Alternatively you can visit our other blog at www.theredpumps.com/blog-html

Here is a month's worth (I Hope...) of some updates/ photos that has happend with me. XOXO

My very own SATC

Just had my last post-holiday dinner/ reunion last night with my fab girls which I fondly recalled my Sex and the City gal pals. (They were my college bff's and during those years, SATC is on TV and I was their biggest and #1 fan...and still am). Of course I am Carrie Bradshaw...haha and not Standford Blatch...lol. It is really nice to have a get together like this, once or twice a year but time seems irregardless or irrelevant since the night will be filled with laughter regaling childhood memories and updating ourselves with what has been keeping our time lately. "I love you girls always and forever...chos"
Had dinner reservations at a Mexican restaurant at BGC. I arrived 6pm sharp...as I was the one who reserved the place. Hehe...while waiting...checking my mails
print-on-print...very pretty!!!
Tricia and Shery
Mexican food platter...I swear...I came home starving after dinner as I yip-yap the entire night and ate a few only.
Nachos..."i-bottomless and saya..." Yes we ordered unlimited, bad for me...I felt bloated the entire night...hehe
(L-R) Tricia, Shery, Joana, Me, Jakelyn and daughter Kate
Had coffee afterwards...
"my precious..."
Little trivia about me: my other nickname during college was "Babyspice" for very obvious reasons...hehe
Thank you for all the presents!!! I truly LOVE them all!!! Hope to see you soon girls. XOXO.

"My Precious..."

Showing and sharing my ADDICTION for everyone to see. :D Here are the ranking of my addiction: 1.) SHOES!!! (NO DOUBT!!!! Will kill and die!!!) 2.) RINGS!!! I will be perfect for the role of LORD of the rings...chos. I have always been fascinated by them and would love to adorn every single finger of mine (...as much as I could and can accommodate) with a ring. I don't have any specific "go-to" brand when buying my rings, as my fashion rule go, "look for what is so RARE and is so you!!!" I guess I am just lucky...paired with amazing eyes as to spot that gem in a haystack and just being at the right place at the right time. :D
ANIMAL RINGS (L-R) Elephant Ring, Ram Ring, Leopard Ring (in brass and silver), Eagle Ring and my ultimate-fave- swear-it-is-so-fucking-unique Rhino Ring.
BONE COLLECTION (L-R) Knuckle Ring, Skull Ring, White Cocktail Ring, Spike Ring
ONYX RING (L-R) Onyx Encrusted Black Ring, Onyx Ring, Onyx with Diamond Ring, Trio Onyx Ring, Onyx Band Ring
SPIKE RINGS in brass and silver
CYLINDER RINGS in gold and silver
CROSS RINGS in single and connector rings
Skull Rings
(L-R) Blue Cocktail Ring, Krypton Ring, Silver Hardware Ring
BLACK FAMILY (L-R) Toy Soldier Ring, Cone Ring, Black Spike Ring, Black Star Ring, Black Cocktail Ring, Armor Ring
and my newest. most "favorite-est" TALON RING from Ann Ong. I am so IN LOVE and I DIED!!! :D

PhFW Day 5

As much as I wanted to attend all the shows during Philippine Fashion Weeks, it seems impossible for me due to my crazy schedule...and attending more shows means I have TONS & TONS of photos to upload. LOL Jumping from Day 2 to Day 6 of PhFW, we attended the finale show of the night from 4 of the most coveted designers Arnold Galang, Jerome Salaya Ang, Phillip Tampus and Renee Salud. And "OH YESSSS!!!" It is like I had Fashion Orgasm with their collection...so brillliant...so edgy and speaking to me loudly!!! Here is what happened...
THE RED PUMPS at the FRONT ROW!!! Certainly one of the Peak-of-the-day for me and the best seats on the house to see all the collection!!!
The Red Pumps shoes in action: DEATHTRAP, ANGELINA and HAVOC II (as worn by Ryan, Leah and me)
with Fashion Designer Jerome Salaya Ang
with Fashion Designer: Russel Villafuerte
After the show, we decided to go to KYSS Bar to celebrate with Becky Nights and Panty Monsters Hallow's Eve (which I may add, we got lost due to really bad instructions online of the venue)
FLIQUE Magazine's big-wigs...I was really stunned and surprised. (L-R)  Aries, John Lozano (EIC of Flique) and Vince Flores (Editor of Flique)...their costume was really awesome and may I add...never knew them at first!!!
with the DIVINE LEE!!! I swear, I never had one good photo with her. I always look like a freak or something :(
Capping off our night at Wendy's. Everyone was starving. Really had a fun night with everyone Yen, Peter, Leah and Ryan. Till next time <3


Man...I think it has been almost a year since I wore denim pants. I have nothing against it...its just trying to wear something more breathable and less constricted. However over a friends party over the weekend, I decided to go overboard...DENIM-ON-DENIM-ON-DENIM. If you have been following me, one of my fave FASHION RULE: Go BIG or go home...or better known as "Maximalist." What a better way to wear denim back again!!!
Chambray Buttondown: Vintage
Denim Pants: TPE
Bowler Hat: Topman
Lace-up Boots: Vintage

Spike Ring: MOGUL
White Enamel Cocktail Ring: SM Dept Store
Skull Ring: TPE
Knuckle Ring: OS Accessories
Skull Necklace: TPE


July 28, 2012...we celebrated the most special day for my BFF's Doogie and Joyce. Their wedding day!!! Not just your usual wedding day...but your BFF's wedding day. A Day of LOVE, FRIENDSHIP & FOREVER. I am happy to be part of your special day. Cheers to the happy couple, my BFF's Newly Wed.
The newly weds Joyce and Doogie
At the reception Villa Imaculada at Intramuros
lovely wedding cake, stacked luggage, signifying the couples love of travel
Gotta have to sneak in some outfit shot. These are the only times you would see me wearing Barong Tagalog...as specially requested by the Groom. Was afraid I might wear something flashy for the wedding...just I always teased him way back.
The TP family
Groom offering love songs to her bride...with the help of good friend/ host Jackie
this I didn't expect. My BFF Joyce sang a song to her husband (ala Anne Curtis)...super kilig
sumo- SONA lang ang peg :D
Kae so lovely with her new dress and THE RED PUMPS patent heels
We just have to take advantage of the photobooth...hehe :D
The Lovely and beautiful bride and my BFF Joyce wearing Zandra Lim wedding gown. I so LOVE the details of the gown!!!

My Birthday Suit

Nowadays...you wouldn't expect someone to wear RED on their birthday...well not me...Hehe. I have been saving this RED mullet top for this special day. :D Nothing fancy...a simple dinner for two with warm company and my blings :D
Hype this on LOOKBOOK here.
Rings (L-R) White Cocktail Ring (SM), Skull Ring (Taipei), Knuckle Ring (OS)
Skull Necklace (Taipei)
Red Mullet Button down- THE RED PUMPS

Photo Diary: My Birthday!!!

Celebrated my special day with just dinner for two..nothing fancy...just good FOOD...food...and more food and excellent company!!! Had really blast...I will not reveal how old I am. Till now, I can't believe my age...I am just glad for my super oily skin...which helps me to look youthful!!! :D

I will just let the photos tell the story of my special day!!!


Happiest Place on Earth!!!

Forget Disney Land..."VIKINGS is the happiest place on Earth!!!" I swear...I mean it. :D Sorry for this late post...I just had to make "singit" or my best friend will strangle me...haha. Anyways, we celebrated my best friend's birthday during the last day of Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012...originally our plan was to eat dinner and watch the final show of the season by Jerome Salaya Ang but FAILED!!! Hahaha... in a while will tell you why.

Anyways below is my Photo Diary of the day. Normally I would trade FOOD anytime over FASHION...but that night it would change. LOL. Also...I look a bit haggard with my photos since number 1, I have to change my outfit after walking miles from MOA- entrance of Viking- turning back- going back to MOA's North Parking- change outfit inside car since I was sweating like CRAZY- drive the car to Viking's parking area. 2- I am so stuffed with all the food.

I swear...I wasn't able to taste 50% or maybe even 60% of their dishes...but definitely I will return with a vengeance!!!
(L-R) Arjay Bday Boy, Me, Yen and Conrad
Their Sushi Bar is the BEST I have ever seen!!! We love eating buffet style and by far their Japanese/ Oriental section was by far the most authentic, most delish and most fresh!!!
Fresh Seafood/ Grill Station, I had tuna and squid
Skewers and Kebabs
Dessert station...I swear I could live there. My sweet tooth literally went nuts. They had dishes from Filipino like Halo-Halo even my fave morning Taho, cakes, ice cream, yogurts, chocolate and strawberry fondue, fruits, cotton candy (yes...they have a small cotton candy maker and use LIPS candy to make one...so amazing) and so much more. I swear my photos did not do justice. LOL
Presenting my plates!!! Haha... Their sushi is so fresh. Honestly Fashion Week was like Christmas to me. It was a "cheat week" for me. Eating everything that I can.
At the end of the night, was so stuffed and was so late at the Fashion Show, we just decided not to see it. Was a teeny-weeny-bit sad though but I said to myself and Yen, next season we will make "BAWI" also I will comeback here at Vikings and devour everything and forget my diet even just for a day.

Had so much fun of course, with my good friends and excellent food. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARJAY!!!


Had a wonderful Sunday night with my best friends!!! It was agreed that we are going to do a "videoke" night...although I have this insane phobia in singing in public (due to bad childhood experience) I figured I will just eat food and not sing at all...haha. :D
(L-R) Kae, Jackie and me (Yen, taking the photo)...ABSENT: Shelly!!!
Of course, I just had to work even on Sundays. Kae was my first customer who ordered MTO shoes. This is it...pretty right???
Yummy roasted chicken...the rest of our food...well not so good
Potato wedges with the most acceptable sour cream dip
Try not to dip your Nachos...their dip was awful....lol
I thought this was Calamares...failed...Onion rings
Singing time!!! Jackie really sounds excellent. Practicing a "wedding song".
Yen...loves alternative songs. He is good at it ;D
Kae also has a wonderful voice. Go!!! Go!!! Go!!!
We stayed for a good 2-4 hours. Honestly I was so "bitin" because I think we arrived late. I got lost looking for the place. Haha. NOTE: If you would like to ask if I sing or where is my photo singing...well the Answer: I did "sing"...just imagine Anne Curtis. Haha and I deleted any photos of me singing. I don't look so good. Ahehe.

Oh well...at least I had so much fun. How about you guys???

Till next time!!!