Spring/Summer 2013

Yey, finally had a little bit of free time and was able to scan photos of the Fashion Weeks for Spring/ Summer 2013. I am super impressed with the menswear since I was able to find collection that really speaks to my dressing aesthetic. Below are some of the collection I really liked and will try to emulate and be my Look Inspiration on our upcoming Philippine Fashion Week Spring/ Summer 2013.
I love the structure, clean lines, sleekness and geometric cut-outs of their collection. I am really turned on by their collection's aesthetic. Really love them, also their mandals...delicious...I'm getting inspired :D
Funny, even before I saw their collection I had this brilliant idea and was inspired by the "prisoner look" with all stripes from top-to-bottom. Definitely will be doing this.
Ooooh Yesss!!! Lanvin...oh so love the jumpsuits in varying lengths. Plus the high waisted trouser + leatherette combo..OMG :D
Just like Mugler, I fell in love with the use of clean lines, cuts, use of contemporary silhouettes. The "saintly" prints that they have use is truly divine. :D

I would definitely scan more photos for inspirations. :D