Guys we are proud to present to you THE RED PUMPS 2nd collection....METAMORPHOSIS. FASHION meets FUNCTION. 2 in 1 Ballet Flats with attachable/ interchangeable/ removable “SHOE ACCESSORY”

ATTACHABLE & REMOVABLE: You have an option to "dress-up" or "dress down" your shoes depending on your mood by simply buckling-up the shoe accessory

INTERCHANGEABLE: Buy 2 or any pairs (same size) in different styles and you can interchange the shoe accessory. Just take a look at our Mariposa Black & White vs. Mariposa White and Black. You have the freedom to express yourself and have fun!!!

Whoever said that flats needs to be boring...same old style? Now with our METAMORPHOSIS Collection, surely it will TRANSFORM the way you look at ballet flats.

AVAILABLE NOW: On-Hand and Pre-Order

For more details, please visit our official website at http://www.theredpumps.com/shop-metamophosis.html

METAMORPHOSIS 2nd Collection

Guys!!! I am so excited to share our teaser for our 2nd collection dubbed as "METAMORPHOSIS". This is one reason we have been extremely busy with THE RED PUMPS and finally you get to see what it is. We have reinvented the typical ballet flats...this is something you have to watch out for since I haven't seen anything like this in the market.

This collection will be unveiled soon.

I will showcase this at I'M SHOE IN LOVE Bazaar at NBC Tent at BGC on June 30- July 1. See you all there!!!