Noah's Ark

Here are the order of my Fashion Item Fetishes: 1.) SHOES!!! 2.) RINGS!!! 3.) Bags. I will normally skimp on clothes but never on Shoes and some really awesome and hard-to-find rings. If you have been checking my post, you would see I have TONS of rings...and I love them so. LOL.
(L-R) Ram Ring, Elephant Ring, Silver Leopard Ring, (my fave) Rhino Ring, Eagle Ring and Brass Leopard Ring. I have collected them for years and honestly they are really hard to find :D
Brown Leather Buttondown: Mogul
Havoc Creepers: The Red Pumps
Cotton Buttondown: Celio
Rings: anywhere
Bowler Hat: Topman

TWEED-dle Dee

I've had this lovely tweed blazer that strongly reminds me of Chanel blazers that looks so prim and proper worn by ladies of Park Avenue in Manhattan...LOL. It took me over a year before I was able to find the perfect match for this outerwear. Glad it waited till that perfect time. Wore this at Day 1 of Philippine Fashion Week :D
Tweed Blazer: Vintage
Havoc Creepers: The Red Pumps
Black Bow Bracelet: FnH
Rings: TPE
Bowler Hat: SM Dept Store
outfit shots taken "back-to-back-to-back". Check the lady behind me...LOL
You know how much I love'em rings!!!!


Backtracking a bit...wore this a couple of weeks back for THE RED PUMPS Bazaar at WTC. Wanted to wear something ultra comfortable since I will be manning our booth and be in charge of everything. Also...what a better way to market your products is you backing them 10,000, for me...doing my share by wearing my all-time fave HAVOC Monster Shoes.
Havoc Creepers: The Red Pumps
Black Rubber Bracelet: Gifted
Rings: TPE
Bowler Hat: Topman


Man...I think it has been almost a year since I wore denim pants. I have nothing against it...its just trying to wear something more breathable and less constricted. However over a friends party over the weekend, I decided to go overboard...DENIM-ON-DENIM-ON-DENIM. If you have been following me, one of my fave FASHION RULE: Go BIG or go home...or better known as "Maximalist." What a better way to wear denim back again!!!
Chambray Buttondown: Vintage
Denim Pants: TPE
Bowler Hat: Topman
Lace-up Boots: Vintage

Spike Ring: MOGUL
White Enamel Cocktail Ring: SM Dept Store
Skull Ring: TPE
Knuckle Ring: OS Accessories
Skull Necklace: TPE


Sparkles...Glitters...whatever you may call it, but there is like a magnetic force that draws you near them...Well I do...Just like a gravitational force, I was instantly drawn to my blazer hidden amongst thousands of merchandise inside the store. I paired it with my silver accessories that emits right shimmer when lights hit it. I wore this to the last event I attended and definitely wouldn't be the last time. I am planning to revive this for the upcoming Philippine Fashion Week.
Blazer: Forever21
Trousers: TPE
Havoc Creepers: THE RED PUMPS
Black Buttondown: Black Monkey
Silver Cylinder Rings: Forever21
Metal Ring: SM Dept Store
Bowler Hat: Topman


Oh my...I feel so awful that I have been extremely busy at work and in return neglected my blog. I am really sorry about this. Will try to be more vigilant and more consistent in updating my blog (keeping my fingers crossed!!!) Anyways, for this outfit post I have coined it SCARY SPICE for the very obvious reasons. I played around with animals prints, earth colors, animal rings and my fave Havoc creepers. T'was fun dressing up and feeling the vibe of my fave girl band SPICE GIRLS!!!
Leopard Print Buttondown: Cotton On
Brown buttondown: Celio
Animal Rings: Everywhere
Leopard Necklace: Forever21
Clutch: SM

Lady Oracle

Hey Shoe Monsters!!! Just wanted to share this really awesome shoot that THE RED PUMPS has collaborated with, entitled: LADY ORACLE. I love the concept, styling, over-all short...the BEST SHOOT ever!!!A big shout out to our photographer: Sylvester Sy, Stylists: Sam Portillo, Gie Nam, Carmela Vizcocho, Model: Jessica Yang. For complete set of photos, click HERE.

Please do visit our online store:

photographed by: Sylvester Sy
styled by: Gie Nam, Sam Portillo, & Carmela Vizcocho
model: Jessica Yang
hair & makeup: Hanna Pechon at Shu Uemura
nails: Concepcion Guardino of of Snippets Of Style Salon

P.S. first 4 photos are edited

Wreaking HAVOC

What I wore to the recently concluded Pilipinas Men's Fashion Week last Sunday. Sometimes I feel like the "underdog" and have to always prove myself...honestly...this is just me being so paranoid all the times. Silver lining: it brings the BEST in me and giving my 200% in everything that I do. Not to prove myself to anyone else but proving myself to my number one competitor...ME. (Hope I'd made sense...LOL)
Trousers: Taipei
Tote Bag: SM Dept Store
Bowler Hat: Topman
Knuckle Ring: OS Accessories


1. wealth; affluence
2. great abundance; profusion

Funny how much I changed with the course of time since I started my Shoe Business THE RED PUMPS. I would like to call it "reinvention." Very reason why I named this blog as "SHOPAHOLIC MONSTER" is that it embodies what I love to do. But now, I rarely go out to shop and learned that there is something NEW and EXCITING in making your own SHOES...CLOTHES. For the past couple of LookBook post that I did 70-80% of my outfit are our very own. I think I am able to channel my creative energy from shopping to designing/ sourcing and manufacturing our products!!!

Last Tuesday went to FLIQUE Magazine 2nd Launch Party. Click HERE for the blog post. OPULENCE was my peg, inspired by this wonderful scarf fabric I found and turning it into a wonderful scarf print trousers. As part of my reinvention, I am totally fascinated with prints and wanted to go MAJOR OVERLOAD just like I do with my accessories.

P.S. I am so IN LOVE with my HAVOC II Creepers. Exclusive only from THE RED PUMPS. You will see more outfit post with me wearing my love!!!
Scarf Print Blazer: Marina Sithon for Kamosho Paris
Scarf Print Trouser: THE RED PUMPS
Fashion War Accessories: HAVOC II Creepers...standing proud at 4 inches
Opulent rings...
I was feeling very Parisian that night!!!
Hope you can hype this on LOOKBOOK Here.

Wreaking HAVOC

It is official people...I am IN LOVE!!! In love with my new Monster Shoes: HAVOC II. I just wanted to share how excited I was when I first wear these Monster Shoes on a night of fun!!! Wore the new love-of-my-life HAVOC II shoes with our signature 4 inches platforms couple of weeks back celebrating the win of Project Runway Phil. contestant Cheetah Rivera. (Click HERE for event photos) The event was so amazing and made even more amazing because of my new FAB shoes!!!

"I am truly, madly, crazy IN LOVE with my new baby!!!"

By the way, this is now available on our online store THE RED PUMPS. Order HERE.
Black mullet buttondown- THE RED PUMPS
Flouro Mix Animal Print Trousers- MOGUL
4 inches Platforms- THE RED PUMPS