Fashion Ninja
Elliot Evan FW 2013-2014 New York

While browsing through New York Fashion Week Fall-Winter, I was surprised...(pleasantly surprised) with this collection. American menswear is more traditional compared to their European counterpart. This is Just PURE LOVE!!! 

FW 2013

When I saw the lookbook of KTZ Fall/Winter 2013 collection, all I utter was "OOOH" and "AAAAAH"!!! Seeing pieces like this ignites the "designer" side of me and is having ONE-MAJOR-FASHION-ORGASM!!! KTZ drew inspiration from primitive tattoos and body decoration from Polynesia and did a collaboration with Rein Vollenga for their headpieces (will do a separate entry...another super duper awesome designer!!!). Below are the pieces that I wanted and inspired me the most. ENJOY!!!

Thom Browne FW 2013 Paris

Super love the quirkiness of Thom Browne's collection for F/W. It reminds you of Sponge Bob but the dark and fashion version of it. LOL. We are seeing a lot of "structured clothing" on the runway this FW and personally they are my fave and are so within my avenue, and Thom Browne showcased an avant garde version. Who would not fall in LOVe when designers push the norms and show something that is really fresh and may trend soon. At least now, you can cross our on your list what would life be if everything is in SQUARES!!!

CAPE of good hope
Valentino F/W 2013 Paris

You have no idea how much I would KILL for these capes on Valentino's collection for F/W. I am so DYING right now. (!!! having an idea on what I wanted to wear for our Fashion Week here.) Every pieces on Valentino's collection are so clean and crisp, unmistakably rich and luxe!!! <3 Truly Orgasmic....haha 

Les Hommes Fall/Winter 2013 Milan

Tom Notte and Bart Vandebosch Milan for Les Hommes designed a F/W collection full of drama...flair...theatrics that will leave you asking for more. (...for me it did) It may not be snowing here, but those floor length capes....OOOOOHHHH WOW!!! Drool and just dying to have those damn pieces!!! <3

Friar F*ck
Dolce and Gabbana F/W 2013-2014 Milan

Friar...Altar Boy...Cross...Religion...when I saw D & G's collection, I felt like transported back to my childhood religion subject discussing old Spain and how Christianity came to be. I totally adore (and highly covet!!!) the "bell sleeves top" that looks oversized...but come to think of is inspired from an altar boy's white gown (minus the gown's skirt). Structured- Hi waisted- Religious- Clean... LOVE!!! <3

Katie Eary F/W 2013 London

Digital Printing has never looked this yummy. Blue Lobster SpaceCraft...Fuschia Flower Power are some of the highlights of her collection. What is so inviting about digital prints, is that as a designer you totally OWN the print and can't be bought anywhere else (...thus making the pieces a little to steep for someone like me, if you k). Katie also palyed with textured and the one that caught my attention the most was her "distorted lace-up trousers" which made me so giddy since I just released my Monster Shoe: DISTORTION with the very same concept. Great designers think alike...(CHOS!!!)

Black is the NEW Black
Craig Green F/W 2013 London

Layering...Texture...Variety...Opulence...Structure...BLACK. Is there more that you can ask for? This is what Craig Green for MAN showed for his Fall/Winter 2013 London. I-DIED-WENT-TO-FASHION-HEAVEN-IN-LOVE with with how he styled his collection, texture upon texture upon texture. Layering patent material over matte finish material are drool worthy and  gives that extra in the over-all look. Yes it is Fall/ Winter look but don't fret, the materials used are not as heavy and I think (...and I am praying, I can pull this off here in our Manila weather) it is versatile enough for any season.

And who dare miss those headpieces or shall I say wood plank...BRAVO!!!