Party Crashers!!!

Hi everyone!!! Sorry I am not able to update my blog as much as I wanted to do. Most of my days...and nights are spent working. Hehehe. I really have no time to go out and have fun...that is why when good friend JC Alomajan of Migotilyo invited us out to celebrate a friend's Birthday party at Palladium, we said "YES!!!" LOL

Talk about GATE CRASHING!!! I don't know the celebrant personally but I knew of her + I thought this would be a perfect night just to relax, unwind with good friends and MARKET THE BUSINESS (see even parties like this, I bring my work with me)

I really had fun.

P.S. I failed (or I was too lazy) to bring my DLSR so I just grabbed photos everywhere online. Ahehe.
JC, Yen and Me. Theme of the night/ party was color blocking. It would be rude not to follow. I love my colors
when the open bar ended, we still haven't had still bought couple of cocktails
With Lev...It was so wonderful to finally have seen him. Had a wonderful conversation with him (as always) and got wonderful tips with business!!!
Fashion Show
Till my next post guys!!! Will work even harder for guys!!! :D

FLIQUE Launch Party

How are you guys??? I would like to apologize that I failed to update my blog sooner...I swear this week has been one of the craziest, strangest...most stressful but very productive week. WORK...WORK...and more WORK...good thing last Thursday night, got invited to Flique Magazine's Launch Party at Opus bar in Resorts World. Time to unwind...drink some cocktails and catch up with some friends.

At the end of the night...I got home a little drunk...sort of dehydrated...starving but had the most wonderful time. There are a lot of highlights of the evening and to name a few:
1. Me and Yen won "Best Dressed" of the night
2. Met a lot of wonderful people and of course perfect venue to market our business
3. Bonded with a new good friend

What a PARTY!!! Till next time Flique :D
Here is what I wore to the launch Party- my PINK PANTHER look!!! Best in print-on-print in neon pa ha... :D
Yen wearing his own acid neon animal print shirt and I do LOVE his 8 bit-ish sunnies :D Both of us are excited since we will also be launching our menswear line soon. :D
Yey party started...Valerie (tama ba name???) hosted the evening...and after introducing the wonderful staff of Flique; they have announced the winner of BEST DRESSED...haha...I was super "nahiya" since that was my 1st award and we need to walk up the stage. (note: I wish my photos up front are good, since I am not good with stolen shots) But, "THANK YOU FLIQUE FOR CHOOSING US...IT WAS REALLY A SURPRISE AND HONOR." :D
(L-R) Yen of Mogul, Stylist and Editor-a-Large John Lozano, Yeng Constanino and a new good friend JC Alomajan.
(L-R) Sitti, JC and Me. Sitti is so sweet, even congratulated us for winning that night. :D
Yen and myself posing with Valerie, congratulating us as well. She is so sweet and really pretty. :D
Together with Vince of Flique
Finally have met John in person...worked with him previously. I can't wait to see the finish product of the shoot. :D
couple of the night!!!! <3
(L-R) Yen, Sam (glad to have finally met you!!!) Joco (I really enjoyed exchanging SHOE IDEAS with you!!! You are the best) Me and Joco's friends.
Our LOOT BAG!!! Yey!!!
Best part, Yen and I won Php5000.00 worth of Gift Cards that can be used with SM Accessories. To be honest, I am a fan of their merchandise since it is so contemporary. This will be gone in no time...hehehe.

Thank you again Flique for inviting us. Congratulations in advance and I am sure that your magazine will be one of the front-liners as you have a very good vision.

Till Next time guys!!!

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