Bazooka JOE Chia

I LOVE Fashion...LOL...who doesn't??? I love dressing up...I love my shoes. But you know what, my downfall is I am too LAZY to do research on new designers, new designs etc. I am like what you can call "fashion spoon feeding" Haha. But late 2012 and now maybe one of my 2013's resolution, I have been devouring a number of fashion blogs globally and so far, I am enjoying what I am seeing. To start off... I have come across Malaysian designer Joe Chia and his latest menswear collection. One word, "J'ADORE" (or is it about I fell in love with the monochromatic scheme, STRUCTURE of his clothes and new silhouettes he presented. If you only you were within my reach.
all photos from Joe Chia site
super LOVE the sheer paneling at the back. Hello "fresh breeze."


I have been obsessing with "over-sized" fashion lately. Not just over-sized...I mean really OVER-SIZED (with my arms stretched from left to right...) Aside from this look, I just purchased me some mean-over-the-top-black-over-sized-button-down which I am just dying to wear. I think there is something relaxing about the ensemble and most importantly "freedom" from my usual skin tight clothes. This is what I wore to the last 2012 event/ party I attended. Let us see what 2013 would bring!!! CHEERS everybody and HAPPY 2013 to all of us!!!

"Excuse the finger..." I am so in love with my Ann Ong Talon Ring
Oversized Black Buttondown- thrifted
Sheer Cover-up- thrifted
Black Skinny Trousers- tailored
Gold Talon Ring- Ann Ong
Cross Ring- Underground TPE
Skull Necklace- Oxygen


My very own SATC

Just had my last post-holiday dinner/ reunion last night with my fab girls which I fondly recalled my Sex and the City gal pals. (They were my college bff's and during those years, SATC is on TV and I was their biggest and #1 fan...and still am). Of course I am Carrie Bradshaw...haha and not Standford It is really nice to have a get together like this, once or twice a year but time seems irregardless or irrelevant since the night will be filled with laughter regaling childhood memories and updating ourselves with what has been keeping our time lately. "I love you girls always and forever...chos"
Had dinner reservations at a Mexican restaurant at BGC. I arrived 6pm I was the one who reserved the place. Hehe...while waiting...checking my mails
print-on-print...very pretty!!!
Tricia and Shery
Mexican food platter...I swear...I came home starving after dinner as I yip-yap the entire night and ate a few only.
Nachos..."i-bottomless and saya..." Yes we ordered unlimited, bad for me...I felt bloated the entire night...hehe
(L-R) Tricia, Shery, Joana, Me, Jakelyn and daughter Kate
Had coffee afterwards...
"my precious..."
Little trivia about me: my other nickname during college was "Babyspice" for very obvious reasons...hehe
Thank you for all the presents!!! I truly LOVE them all!!! Hope to see you soon girls. XOXO.

HAPPY 2013!!!

I was supposed to make a photo collage of at least the top 10 things/events of my 2012...but you know what. I have realized that there is but ONE that I am super THANKFUL for. That is my shoe business THE RED PUMPS!!! It was all a gamble when I started the business, leaving everything that I chase my life long dream. And if there is one thing that I would want to share to everyone..."MAKE YOUR DREAM INTO REALITY!!!" Because there is simply nothing like it!!! I had the best 2012 and I wish everyone also did.

HAPPY 2013 everyone and Thank you to all those who supported me, who believed in me and who inspired me to do my best!!!


12 Songs of Christmas

I knew I had to make time (amidst my extremely busy-meeting-left-and-right-schedule) to support my good friends of FADAL to celebrate their latest collab work at 7th High last night. Also...on the plus side, I will get to see my friends that I haven't seen for quite sometime. Hitting 2 birds with 1 stone right???
with Levenson Rodriguez (Creatur-in-Chief of FADAL). Happy Holidays my dear!!! It was really nice to get together again!!!
With ze models, stylist and Mogul menswear designer Yen
Last party of 2012 for me!!! See you in 2013 guys!!! Stay safe and have a prosperous NEW YEAR!!!! See yah all!!! XOXO


I have been listening to Rihanna's album Unapologetic too much...way too much. It has been on repeat mode the entire time, wherever I need to put my headphones place...places where I wanted to drown voices. Haha. I am not sure if its the holidays or just listening too much to Rihanna makes me wear an all-BLACK-ensemble most of the times. Now don't get me wrong, with how the business is running, I am super HAPPY. I have a strong guess, it is because of the Holidays and I am one BIG Xmas Grinch!!!
Rihanna Top- Mogul X
Trousers- Tailored
Havoc II- The Red Pumps
I am in LOVE with my new 'Jetson's Inspired' bangle in black enamel!!!
Happy Christmas everyone!!! <3 Cheers


A Christmas Dinner

Can I tell you a secret...Christmas season is not the same to me back when I was still a growing child. Maybe it  reminds me of things that I have lost and can no longer bring back in my life. Aside from traffic jams, Malls that are packed and the annual Christmas Planner from Starbucks...there are some good things that I look forward to during Holidays. One of which are reunions with my closest friends...and my best friend hosted an intimate dinner party at her place last Sunday. She loves to cook and is very amazing in what she does and served her guest an amazing 7 course dinner. AMAZING FOOD + FRIENDS = My Holidays is now complete!!!
star of the night: Pork Pot Roast. SUPER YUM!!!!
Cream Dory in tomatoes. DELISH!!!!
Pasta in Olive Oil and veggies
Spicy Buffalo Wings
Liver Pate
Spinach and Artichoke in Sour Cream. MY FAVE!!!!
Greens in Lemon
Eiffel Tower!!! Wish I can go to Paris one day. Behind..."WOW" Words of TRUE!!!
Masterchef and my bestfriend Kae!!! She is not yet
Had the most wonderful evening, got to meet new people. It would be more fun, if at least 90% of invited showed up...LOL. Nevertheless, Kae, "Thank you for a wonderful evening and for the best tasting dinner ever!!!"

Happy Christmas everyone!!!



OMG!!! Just after posting a blog about my ring collection, I came across Japanese Jewelry designer Joji Kojima and his rings are "to-die-for"!!! Literally, I will kill to get them and will kill someone if I ever wore them. (They look deadly and can inflict nasty Unfortunately his pieces are way to expensive for even own a single piece. These are the times I am wishing I was "filthy-rich." Or someone out there so kind to give this to me as a present (LOL...wishful thinking). Is there someone out there making rings like these that are more budget friendly...please ping me. Oh well...silver lining, his pieces truly inspired me and maybe push me to do my own accessories...haha. :D

Check his website at
ARMOR ring. I need you in my life so badly!!!
Dancing Skull...OMG...I will KILL for this!!!
His TEARDROP headpiece/ eye wear was worn at FAME perfume ad by Mother Monster Lady Gaga!!!

Opulence II

I am sure everyone has seen this look on me before...Yes, I was so in love with the BAROQUE feature of my coat and trousers, I have to maximize them and wear them twice...LOL. Who cares right, as long as you feel and look good on it. 3 more days before Christmas...what have you planned? Me...planning to still be working and will attend a dinner party or two. I am so much IN LOVE with my job ( I actually don't call it a job) that I have a holiday-filled-with-business meetings. :D Ciao!!!

"My Precious..."

Showing and sharing my ADDICTION for everyone to see. :D Here are the ranking of my addiction: 1.) SHOES!!! (NO DOUBT!!!! Will kill and die!!!) 2.) RINGS!!! I will be perfect for the role of LORD of the rings...chos. I have always been fascinated by them and would love to adorn every single finger of mine ( much as I could and can accommodate) with a ring. I don't have any specific "go-to" brand when buying my rings, as my fashion rule go, "look for what is so RARE and is so you!!!" I guess I am just lucky...paired with amazing eyes as to spot that gem in a haystack and just being at the right place at the right time. :D
ANIMAL RINGS (L-R) Elephant Ring, Ram Ring, Leopard Ring (in brass and silver), Eagle Ring and my ultimate-fave- swear-it-is-so-fucking-unique Rhino Ring.
BONE COLLECTION (L-R) Knuckle Ring, Skull Ring, White Cocktail Ring, Spike Ring
ONYX RING (L-R) Onyx Encrusted Black Ring, Onyx Ring, Onyx with Diamond Ring, Trio Onyx Ring, Onyx Band Ring
SPIKE RINGS in brass and silver
CYLINDER RINGS in gold and silver
CROSS RINGS in single and connector rings
Skull Rings
(L-R) Blue Cocktail Ring, Krypton Ring, Silver Hardware Ring
BLACK FAMILY (L-R) Toy Soldier Ring, Cone Ring, Black Spike Ring, Black Star Ring, Black Cocktail Ring, Armor Ring
and my newest. most "favorite-est" TALON RING from Ann Ong. I am so IN LOVE and I DIED!!! :D