BTS: I'm Shoe In Love

Yehey!!! We arfe so happy with the results of our very first bazaar, "I'M SHOE IN LOVE." As you know our business THE RED PUMPS is barely 3 months old and we would like to say, "THANK YOU!!!" for the overwhelming love and support that we have received. It probably is one of the most tiring 2 days of my life but it was all worth it and would do it all over again.

I would like to share some photos that we were able to take. NOTE: I wasn't able to capture a lot of photos since I was manning the booth the whole time.

"I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!" I already booked another bazaar this AUGUST and I will share it to everyone once everything is finalized. :D
This is our 1st day booth set-up. I was surprised that it actually looked so good. But thanks to some of our close friends, we edited and tweaked it to attract more customers (sorry failed to get 2nd day set-up look) and truly it did helped us.
Photo of me...excuse the eye bags...honestly I was awake for 48 hours during our first day. I failed to sleep the night before and continued on the opening day. Was extremely happy though with the end result. :D
My booth partner Yen of Mogul. (Best booth partner ever!!!) He would soon release his collection and we previewed it at I'm Shoe In Love bazaar. They were all so beautiful, please do watch out for it.
MERMAID Shoes was truly the STAR and HIGHLIGHT of our booth. People would oftentimes comments, "Totoong shoes ba yan?" Many also requested to try and was amazed that it looks amazing and it is functional. :D
Most of the comments that I hear, "WOW!!! Lady Gaga/ Nicki Minaj and Anne "Cortes" shoes" Hehe. A little bit hard to find that specific market of my shoes. But what I inform and sell my buyers are my signature comfort of shoes from it's weight, extra padding, heels etc.
Preview of my METAMORPHOSIS collection...I will launch it tomorrow...stay tuned :D
O di ba...close-up shot talaga....hahaha and don't forget how BLOODY RED my outfit was. I failed to take an outfit shot though.

Anyways guys, the 2 days we have spent at the bazaar was truly amazing. Emotional at some point but mostly glad to have wonderful people, hearing lovely comments and at the same time garnering future business ventures. I also have learned so much in the process.

Again, a million thanks to everyone who showed their love and support to us!!! Till our next bazaar. :D

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