Pilipinas Men's Fashion Week

We were so excited to be attending the very first show of Pilipinas Men's Fashion Week. Morever...we were a million times excited since one of the producer of the event is good colleague Nico Agustin together with MJ Alminanza and showcasing their collection (some would be their first time as well....aaaw!) are our good friends. Personally I wanted to attend the 3 day event with perfect attendance, unfortunately with my crazy schedule with business we were able only to attend the finale runway show last Sunday. (...and P.S. I was so enthralled by the fact most of the pieces that walked the show are truly runway worthy)

Below are some of the behind-the-scene photos captured before and after the runway show. :D
What the "Olsen Twins" were wearing. Theme: LAYERING. I will be posting my outfit look on my next blog :D The day/ venue was uncomfortably humid but nonetheless, we have to "WORK" it.
FADAL Family and friends :D
YES!!! Mow-dels!!!
Fashion Designer Clint Catalan wearing his Tote creation. See my last blog and you will see why I LOVE and ADORE his collection.
very dear friend Fashion Stylist Domz Ramos. He also styled during the event
Menswear Designer Matt Leveriano with beau Ehiacinth Miranda. I am loving the 2nd collection Matt came up with- he is wearing one now.
And of course good friends and brilliant producers Nico Agustin and MJ Alminanza. "Congratulations for bringing Pilipinas Men's Fashion Week here. A new venue to showcase talented designers with their genius creations!!!"

Pilipinas Men's Fashion Week
Fall 2012

Attended the recently concluded Pilipinas Mens Fashion Week last Sunday to show support to our good friends. It is so REFRESHING to see the young designer's take on contemporary men's fashion. All of the collection were so intriguing and exciting but these are the collection that I LOVED the most. From designers Clint Catalan with his quirky and "spike" more of underground fashion, Yako Reyes's Asian inspired pieces and good friend Levenson Rodriguez with his bold approach with the usual blazer and trousers.


1. wealth; affluence
2. great abundance; profusion

Funny how much I changed with the course of time since I started my Shoe Business THE RED PUMPS. I would like to call it "reinvention." Very reason why I named this blog as "SHOPAHOLIC MONSTER" is that it embodies what I love to do. But now, I rarely go out to shop and learned that there is something NEW and EXCITING in making your own SHOES...CLOTHES. For the past couple of LookBook post that I did 70-80% of my outfit are our very own. I think I am able to channel my creative energy from shopping to designing/ sourcing and manufacturing our products!!!

Last Tuesday went to FLIQUE Magazine 2nd Launch Party. Click HERE for the blog post. OPULENCE was my peg, inspired by this wonderful scarf fabric I found and turning it into a wonderful scarf print trousers. As part of my reinvention, I am totally fascinated with prints and wanted to go MAJOR OVERLOAD just like I do with my accessories.

P.S. I am so IN LOVE with my HAVOC II Creepers. Exclusive only from THE RED PUMPS. You will see more outfit post with me wearing my love!!!
Scarf Print Blazer: Marina Sithon for Kamosho Paris
Scarf Print Trouser: THE RED PUMPS
Fashion War Accessories: HAVOC II Creepers...standing proud at 4 inches
Opulent rings...
I was feeling very Parisian that night!!!
Hope you can hype this on LOOKBOOK Here.


SLEEK-CHIC-ELECTRIC Flique Event last 08/21/2012 was held at Prive in BGC. Toasting the release of the the 2nd issue for August-September 2012 of one of the coolest magazine today: Flique. We just have to be there and show support to the wonderful people of Flique...Moreover Yen and I were very much excited about this release since we have collaborated with them and we are excited to see the the finish product of everyone's hard work!!!

Without further delay...I am very much happy and excited to announce that Yen's pieces are part of the cover. We have designed the flouro animal print buttondowns that Megan and Lauren is wearing!!! This will be part of Yen and his Mogul's 2nd collection. Click HERE for Mogul.

Photodiary below!!! :D "Congratulations to everyone and Thank you FLIQUE for this wonderful opportunity!!!"
Power duo (chos...) Ron (THE RED PUMPS) and Yen (Mogul) reporting for duty...haha. We like to think of ourselves as the Olsen Twins.
The second our hands grab a hold of the magazine...we quickly scan through the pages. Just like a kid on Christmas morning!!! They posted what happened during the first launch party!!!
Can you believe it Yen and myself was awarded "Flique's TEEN DREAM OF THE NIGHT" for being the best dressed. Haha...till now I can't believe it happened since we never knew something like that would happen.
...zooming in...LOL
This is what we wore during the first launch party. John Lozano, the Editor-at-Large of Flique requested us to design buttondowns for Megan and Lauren Young for the 2nd issue :D
signing our autographs...chos :D
feels so surreal seeing our names :D
break time!!! Just needed to gas up with my fave cocktail drinks!!!
Just in case you missed out my rings...haha. My peg of the night is OPULENCE. Lookbook to be posted next!!!
First people we have worked with in Flique (L-R) John Lozano, the Editor-at-Large and Sam Portillo (Fashion Stylist/ Intern) Thank you so much guys!!!
With Editor-in-Chief Stephanie Dela Torre Raquel...she is really so sweet
Associate Editor Vince Flores, both of us are wearing printed pants
I just can't help it everytime I see Mother Becky Divine Lee. We were just entering Prive and when I saw her, I blurted out, "Hi Ms. Divine!!!" There is truly something about her that makes you feel warm and "kilig" at the same time. She complimented me of what I am wearing and that made my entire evening!!! I LOVE HER SO MUCH!!! LOL
With Flique Stylist Leah Rous and Fashion Designer Thian Yusi who is a talented and sweet guy. Hope to work with you soon :D
Bumped into Bjorn Bedayo, hope to work with you someday :D
Cover girls Lauren and Megan Young, as introduced by John
Fan Mode: ON. Yen just can't resist to get a signed magazine from the sisters!!!
me too...fan mode: ON
Lip synching and dancing to RUN THE WORLD by Beyonce. Awesome performance
Flique's Teen Dream...signing OFF (Chos!!!) Kidding aside...Thank you again Flique and everyone there for being so kind and giving us wonderful opportunity to showcase our works.

I just finished your magazine and may I just say, "CONGRATULATIONS!!!"

P.S. Can't wait to see the end result of our next collab. I saw some preview and it is AWESOME!!!


Maybe no one is excited as me (The Red Pumps) and Yen (Mogul) with the 2nd Launch party pf Flique Magazine for August-September Issue. We have collaborated with the talented and wonderful people of Flique for this issue and we just can't wait to see the outcome...we will reveal everything in perfect time. We will be there at Prive tonight for the unveiling of their 2nd issue. If you will be going and manage to spot us in the crowd...say "Hey!!!"

Kisses everyone and CONGRATS FLIQUE!!!!

Wreaking HAVOC

It is official people...I am IN LOVE!!! In love with my new Monster Shoes: HAVOC II. I just wanted to share how excited I was when I first wear these Monster Shoes on a night of fun!!! Wore the new love-of-my-life HAVOC II shoes with our signature 4 inches platforms couple of weeks back celebrating the win of Project Runway Phil. contestant Cheetah Rivera. (Click HERE for event photos) The event was so amazing and made even more amazing because of my new FAB shoes!!!

"I am truly, madly, crazy IN LOVE with my new baby!!!"

By the way, this is now available on our online store THE RED PUMPS. Order HERE.
Black mullet buttondown- THE RED PUMPS
Flouro Mix Animal Print Trousers- MOGUL
4 inches Platforms- THE RED PUMPS
Pilipinas Men's Fashion Week

Are you ready to experience the very first PILIPINAS MEN'S FASHION WEEK??? We are so excited for this new venture produced my Nico Agustin and MJ Alminanza showcasing mostly fresh, young and upcoming talented designers!!! Really can't wait to see what is in store for us. See you there!!!


This is MILAN, my baby Chihuahua...my LOVE!!! Wherever I go, she will be there. In bed (sleeping right beside me), in the living room (waiting me to give her snack while I eat my fave snack) , in the dining room. (looking all GOOGLY-EYED waiting me to feed her again) This was taken last Thursday, when we were doing product shoot at home, and so there is Milan, right beside me while I take photos of Mogul's products.

I simply can't live without her!!! Who would? Just look at those lovely GOOGLY-EYES!!! <3

FADAL Events:
Celebrating Cheetah

Did you know that FADAL has a number of Project Runway contestants/ finalist? Before we had Jaz Cerezo, Cherry Veric, Santi Obcena. From Project Runway Philippines season 3, we have of course 1st runner-up Cheetah Rivera. I am a huge fan of Project Runway US and Philippines and the show was made sweeter  knowing someone like Cheetah made it on the show. Cheetah's won over the crowd with her sweet, loving personality and with her design prowess...landing her the 1st runner up title!!!

FADAL celebrated Cheetah's talent and success last August 4 at Izumi Bar at BGC, together with her closest friends and peers to celebrate this momentous event. :D

"Congratulations Cheetah!!! Truly deserving and in our hearts you are the winner!!!"
my new shoes...from THE RED PUMPS Monster Shoes Series 1. I was really excited to parade these monsters!!!
FADAL creatur-in-chief Levenson Rodriguez and Cheetah Rivera
(L-R) Luigi, Ehiacinth and Matt
FADAL's very own Mark Tamayo and friends
My colleague Antz with the Lady in Red :D
Rivera sisters
OMG with...together with BFF JC and ANTM Producer Mike Carandang. Really sweet and oh...so...goodlooking :D
With BFF Jc. What I wore to the event. Sorry...a blurry shot. I love my outfit...(love your own...chos) I will post a decent outfit shot next!!! :D
Thanks you very much Lev and FADAL!!! Congrats Cheetah and more power!!!!! Till next FADAL party everyone. See you there!!!

SPICE up your Life!!!

OMG!!!OMG!!!OMG!!! This is what woke me up this Monday morning!!! My world stopped...(Literally and have to stop work just to make this post) and my eyes tearing and goosebumps all over the entire 4 minutes of their performance!!!

I Love You SPICE GIRLS!!! I will always be a SPICE GIRL forever!!! I am super kilig!!!

P.S. Just to share how much of a fan I am, my entire college life, I was called BABYSPICE!!!