My Birthday Suit wouldn't expect someone to wear RED on their birthday...well not me...Hehe. I have been saving this RED mullet top for this special day. :D Nothing fancy...a simple dinner for two with warm company and my blings :D
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Rings (L-R) White Cocktail Ring (SM), Skull Ring (Taipei), Knuckle Ring (OS)
Skull Necklace (Taipei)
Red Mullet Button down- THE RED PUMPS

FADAL Events: Celebrating Cheetah

A night to celebrate talented designer and Project Runway Philippines finalist Cheetah Rivera at IZUMI, August 04, 2012.

Cheers and Congratulations Cheetah!!! You are such an inspiration to everyone!!!

Please e-mail names to for the guest listing. See you there guys!!!

Photo Diary: My Birthday!!!

Celebrated my special day with just dinner for two..nothing fancy...just good more food and excellent company!!! Had really blast...I will not reveal how old I am. Till now, I can't believe my age...I am just glad for my super oily skin...which helps me to look youthful!!! :D

I will just let the photos tell the story of my special day!!!


10 Things You Didn't Know About Me

July 23, 22:33...just a couple of hours and it's almost my Birthday. Just wanted to do this before I go to sleep and turn another year older (..hoping to be wiser as well). Just to shake things up differently I will be sharing 10 (silly-little) things that you didn't know about me.

1.) #1 SEX AND THE CITY FAN. Ask me anything about the series or the movie and I can give you a straight "A" answers. I LOVE YOU SJP!!!

2.) SPICE GIRLS rule the world!!! I was called Baby Spice (Emma fave) during my college years.

3.) SHOES are my ultimate Fetish. I have more than 70 pairs of shoes (...which I may need to relieve off my closet soon)

4.) SWEET TOOTH, I love anything sweet. From cakes, pastries, rice cakes, chocolate bars especially the local ones (sold in our local sari-sari store) and candies!!!

5.) Didn't study Fashion. I graduated as an Interior Designer and worked freelance.

6.) Worked in BPO for 7-8 years with an impressive career and decided to gamble everything as a Shoe Designer :D

7.) Super OC when it comes to order, time management, cleanliness etc. :D

8.) I have a baby Chihuahua and her name is Milan. I love her so much. (For those who have seen'll understand why.)

9.) I love to travel around the world!!!

10.) I am IN LOVE for almost 4 years now!!!

...just sharing!!!

P.S. maybe I would like to add point # 11.) I would DIE for my Shoe Business!!! :D

Thank you for taking time to read this. :D

Monster Shoes

Guys, I have never been so excited to share this really MONSTROUS...AWESOME...GIGANTIC NEWS to everyone!!! I just got home from my shoemaker (braving the stormy weather today..) and look what I got!!!


These are not your typical creepers that you see everyday...proudly they stand tall at 4 INCHES rubber platform. This is just to tease everyone about the new collection we will be releasing soon here at THE RED PUMPS. For the meantime, I am one lucky guy...especially on my upcoming birthday...I get first dibs on these freakishly-amazing-monstrous-shoes!!! ( jealous...hehe...just kidding)

Don't worry, everyone will have a chance to have their very own Monster Shoes and wreak HAVOC everywhere.

On other note...

Have you seen our website yet??? It is day 1 of our BIRTHDAY SALE wherein huge discounts up to 20% are up for grabs!!! Our simplest way to extend our appreciation and gratitude to everyone for continued support with THE RED PUMPS.

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Here they are!!!
as comparison to other normal shoes!!!


Just 3 more days to go...for our first ever BIRTHDAY SALE!!! Take advantage of our huge discounts up to 20% OFF (on selected items). This is how we would like to express our gratitude and say our biggest, "THANK YOU!!!" for the TLC you have given THE RED PUMPS.

Please do watch out for updates on July 22 (Sunday) on how you can take advantage of our BIRTHDAY SALE and have your very own designer shoes from THE RED !!!

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P.S. Crazy weather today...stay safe and dry everyone!!!

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Plains & Prints at Prive

I feel like I am CARRIE BRADSHAW...attending events and partying in the middle of the week. I've never done this before when I still had my day job (or my graveyard shift job). We were lucky enough to be invited to Plains and Prints event at Prive...of course I wouldn't miss it for the world. Below is our adventure and how drunk I got...LOL. Good times...

P.S. Photo dump...and you will see me a lot in those photos...hehe..warning :D
Outfit shot, I grabbed this from Plains and Prints album and I am so happy that I had something decent to show my outfit for the night. We tried to take some shots at the end of the didn't go so well (Note to self: don't capture outfit shot when your tipsy-to-drunk)...and I am scratching it, in replacement of this wonderful shot!!! Thank you Plains and Print :D
Of course...the lovely photobooth. I love it so since this would be uploaded automatically to your FB page...and since I am not using Instagram... :D
We were so glad to see our good friend Joana...i just love the she loves what we wanted and share the same interest. Super photo-op!!! :D We truly had a wonderful night wit you. :D
(grabbed this shot at Plains and Print album as well...TY) just look at the crowd...can you spot us??? I do (parang where is Waldo lang ang peg...clue we are at the lower middle part)
For the photo booth, you can opt to wear their accessories...of course I did :D
Yen wearing his own design...MOGUL to launch very very soon!!! Stay tuned
My choice of drink...Cosmo...apparently I only had 2 of these and I got drunk sip and it is hello vodka!!!
much lighter drink...summer breeze
Program started...Liz is so pretty
we went up to the VIP lounge...I was pleasantly surprised knowing that my invite is good to get me through their lounge...Yey!!!
Style Bloggers Patricia Prieto and Laureen Uy
with Robbie Carmona...such a sweet guy
the only photo that we had together with Liz...unfortunately  didn't capture well... but hey :D
With Plains and Prints designer Rhett Eala...he designed a suit for Yen months ago. :D
With Vince Uy
What started it all...when I have received a tweet from Ms. Liz. Thank you very much Ms. Liz Uy and Plains and Print. We had such a wonderful time...together with friends, wonderful people and an amazing event.

Till next time guys!!! I have been partying every week already. I think, I am just rewarding myself  for working really really hard. You know what they say, "Work hard, PARTY HARDER!!!"

See you guys!!!

You are Cordially Invited!!!

July 24th marks 2 special events on the same day. 1st special event would be THE RED PUMPS will be celebrating its 3rd Month after being launched last April. 2nd special event will be my...Birthday!!! :D

We would like to cordially invite you to our BIRTHDAY SALE with discounts up to 20% OFF on selected items. From July 23- 29 ONLY!!!

This is to say, "THANK YOU!!!" for all the support that you guys have shared with THE RED PUMPS. Please do watch out for updates on July 22 (Sunday) on how you can take advantage of our BIRTHDAY SALE!!!

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P.S. Be sure to save your salary till next week!!! Just a couple of days more. :D

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Party Crashers!!!

Hi everyone!!! Sorry I am not able to update my blog as much as I wanted to do. Most of my days...and nights are spent working. Hehehe. I really have no time to go out and have fun...that is why when good friend JC Alomajan of Migotilyo invited us out to celebrate a friend's Birthday party at Palladium, we said "YES!!!" LOL

Talk about GATE CRASHING!!! I don't know the celebrant personally but I knew of her + I thought this would be a perfect night just to relax, unwind with good friends and MARKET THE BUSINESS (see even parties like this, I bring my work with me)

I really had fun.

P.S. I failed (or I was too lazy) to bring my DLSR so I just grabbed photos everywhere online. Ahehe.
JC, Yen and Me. Theme of the night/ party was color blocking. It would be rude not to follow. I love my colors
when the open bar ended, we still haven't had still bought couple of cocktails
With Lev...It was so wonderful to finally have seen him. Had a wonderful conversation with him (as always) and got wonderful tips with business!!!
Fashion Show
Till my next post guys!!! Will work even harder for guys!!! :D

Spring/Summer 2013

Yey, finally had a little bit of free time and was able to scan photos of the Fashion Weeks for Spring/ Summer 2013. I am super impressed with the menswear since I was able to find collection that really speaks to my dressing aesthetic. Below are some of the collection I really liked and will try to emulate and be my Look Inspiration on our upcoming Philippine Fashion Week Spring/ Summer 2013.
I love the structure, clean lines, sleekness and geometric cut-outs of their collection. I am really turned on by their collection's aesthetic. Really love them, also their mandals...delicious...I'm getting inspired :D
Funny, even before I saw their collection I had this brilliant idea and was inspired by the "prisoner look" with all stripes from top-to-bottom. Definitely will be doing this.
Ooooh Yesss!!! Lanvin...oh so love the jumpsuits in varying lengths. Plus the high waisted trouser + leatherette combo..OMG :D
Just like Mugler, I fell in love with the use of clean lines, cuts, use of contemporary silhouettes. The "saintly" prints that they have use is truly divine. :D

I would definitely scan more photos for inspirations. :D